How to add a pin description to a blog image?

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How to add a description to a pin? When you open your smart feed and look at the pins listed there, you can see many different combinations of how pins are created. 

There are tips on how to create the perfect pin and they relate to the size of the pin, the images used for the pins, the colors you should use, the fonts, the headlines, …and the list goes on. 

Another important thing for your pin is to have a description

What is a pin description?

It is a short and concise paragraph that describes your blog post. 

It shows others what to expect in the post. It attracts other people to click on a pin and read more about the topic described.

It is important to include a description for your pin so people know what the post is about. 

Where is the pin description placed?

You can find a pin description below your pin on Pinterest.

Pinterest shows the first 50 characters of a pin description in a smart feed, and you can read the rest when you click the pin. 

Why is a pin description important?

When you want to save someone’s pin, it is important that the description is written. That way, when someone saves a pin, it automatically saves the description as well. But sometimes there is a case when the description is missing. Most people are in a hurry or they are scheduling the pins for a week or a month and they don’t have time to edit pins. Therefore, you must ensure that each of your pins contains a description.

What to include in your pin description?

The first thing you need to include in your pin description is the keyword. This is important because using keywords, your pin will take its place on Pinterest. People will find your pin by searching for a specific keyword, so by using it, your pin will have a better chance of being found and seen in the Pinterest search results.

Hashtags are now welcome to use on Pinterest so try inserting 2 to 3 hashtags per pin. Add hashtags at the end of the pin description.

An easy way to create a pin description for your pins.

You have to do the research first. Write down 6 keywords related to your blog post.

For example, if you want to write a description for your chocolate cookie recipe pin. First, go to a Pinterest search box and type in a word related to a blog post. Pinterest will suggest you keywords that you should use within your description. Write down the suggested keywords as shown in the example.

Pinterest search box-keywords

We will then combine those keywords to get descriptions for the pins. 

Let’s start.

Possible combinations are:

combination of keywords

When you group your keywords, you just need to link them together and create a sentence.

a pin descriptions - part1
a pin descriptions - part2

And there you have your pin descriptions for 6 of your pins.

You can create as many combinations as you like.

Now that we have the pin descriptions and we’ve finished the pin image, it’s time to upload them to the blog post.

What do you need to have?

  • a WordPress Dashboard
  • Elementor plugin installed
  • A pin created (I recommend using Canva for creating one)
  • A pin description

Elementor is a great plugin for editing blog posts. It is easy to use. You can modify everything on your blog and make it unique using it. 

How to insert a pin description into your blog post?

We are now ready to insert a pin into the blog post. 

In your WordPress Dashboard click on the Edit with Elementor button.

edit with Elementor button

Click where you want your pin to appear in your blog post. 

Now you need to switch to a text editor. You will find this on the left side of the window.

text editor

Click Add media and insert the pin. It will look like the one shown in the image below.

an image uploaded to a blog post

Here is the formula that you will modify and insert into the text editor after the image code and before the end of a code. See the example in the image below.

data-pin-description=”your description here.

data pin description

And now you are done adding a description to your pin. 

After inserting at least 3 pins into your post, add a description to each one. That way, when someone saves your pin, a description will be attached to it. 


  • We discussed why the pin description is important.
  • How to create a pin description for your pins.
  • How to insert a pin description to your blog post images.

Do you have your own way of creating a pin description?

Leave a comment below.

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Jaden

    Is there a way to only insert the pin description in the text editor without having to have the pin image into the blog post ?

    1. BmSocial

      No, because if you insert the pin description in the text editor without the image code, it will be like you just wrote a paragraph in a blog post. Your pin description has to be connected to the pin image as it describes your pin and is displayed when someone wants to save a pinnable image to their Pinterest board. There are several ways to insert a pin description. The one shown in the post using Elementor. You can add it to your pin image in WordPress text editor using the HTML code (without Elementor).
      If you have several pinnable images (whether visible or hidden) in a blog post, you have to add a description to each one.
      I hope the answer helped you.

  2. Lana

    This is great, thank you! Do you know how to add the pinterest title in as well?

    Thanks, Lana

    1. BmSocial

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it.
      To add titles to your pins from your website, you should set up Rich Pins. Here is a simple guide on how to get your website approved for Rich Pins.

  3. Kristin Brause

    Thanks, that’s a great demonstration of how to write 6 long arm body suite pin descriptions. I always find them so time-consuming that I shy away from pinning my pins. But your method makes it look easy that I’ll try it out right now.

    1. BmSocial

      Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you like this method of creating pin descriptions!

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