How to add a Pin it button on Google Chrome?

Pin it button Chrome Do you want to save the blog posts and images you like easily just by using the Pin it button? I know it sounds simple, and there is a way you can save things you like or you want to read later just by one click.

Installing a Pin it button on Google Chrome gives you a solution to simplify the process of saving ideas from a website directly. And it means you can save things from any website you want.

Here I am talking about Pinterest Pin it button on Google Chrome, why is it a good solution and why you should install it too.

What is a Pin it button?

A Pin it button can be described as an extension on Google Chrome which gives you flexibility when talking about saving and sharing Pins.

The benefit of it is that you don’t have to go back to your Pinterest account to Pin an image while you are exploring the website.

Why Pin it button in you toolbar?

When you install it, the button will appear in your toolbar next to your other extensions.

This is a great option that makes your Pinning and saving ideas easier.

You can pick an image from any website that you want which is a good thing because you don’t have to navigate between the website and your Pinterest account.

You can save, collect and bookmark ideas to read it or try it later.

How to install a Pin it button on Google Chrome?

First, you need to go to a Google search bar and type in: Pin it button for Chrome and click on: Pinterest Save Button – Google Chrome website which will be recommended to you at Google results,  or you just click on a link to be transferred directly to the website.

Click on – Add to Chrome

Choose – Add extension.

And there you have it.

The icon will pop-up into your toolbar.

How can I use the Pinterest button on Google Chrome?

Go to any website or a blog post you want.

Click the Pinterest button in your toolbar. You will see all the images that are on the site.

Now you just need to choose the one you want to save.

Choose the Pinterest board you want to save the image to and you are done.

It’s that easy as it sounds.

That way of pinning is easier and quicker. It gives you the flexibility to do pinning faster.

If you like this solution, you can place a comment below or save this post for later. 🙂

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Pin it button on Google Chrome

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