2 things you can automate on Pinterest to grow your account.

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When you think about all the tasks you need to complete in a day or a week, they can easily overcome you. These tasks are about finding ideas for a new blog post, writing and editing a post, creating all those graphics and writing descriptions, publishing content. And this is not the end, here begins the hardest part of being consistent, and that means promoting your content every day. It may seem exhausting, but the real magic happens after you hit the publish button and let others read, share and comment on your text.

All of the above requires continued engagement. If you want to stay active on platforms and increase your reach, you need to be consistent.

Prepare everything in advance.

We mentioned in the title that there are tools that will make your work easier. Everything must be prepared in advance so you can automate them on Pinterest. By everything, I mean information, content. Good organization is half the job. With proper and good organization, we will perform our tasks faster. When the task is done correctly for the first time, you have the basics covered and every other time this activity will be easier and faster to perform. So invest your time to prepare everything.

1. How to be consistent? / The first thing you can automate on Pinterest!

The first thing you can automate on Pinterest is to schedule your pins. There is a scheduler approved by Pinterest that has so many benefits.

It is:

  • easy to use
  • saves you time
  • allows you to be consistent on the platform without actually being there
  • provides you analytical data
  • makes pinning easier.

What do you need to have?

First, you need to sign up for a Tailwind account and connect your Pinterest business profile to it. You can try their free plan for scheduling your first 100 pins to see how does it work. After that, when you are familiar with the scheduler, you can upgrade your plan to a paid one (monthly or annually).

How to prepare your scheduler?

As we said earlier, you need to prepare everything so that you can complete your tasks later with just 2 clicks.

Once logged into your Tailwind account, go to Publisher> Your Schedule.

Tailwind- Your schedule

Click on “Recreate schedule” button and a new window will open on the screen. There you can insert how many pins you want to pin each day.

Tailwind- how to schedule pins

Tailwind-number of pins per day

If you are new to Pinterest and don’t have many blog posts, you can pin about 10 pins per day (your content and other people’s content). As you add content to your blog, you can increase the number of pins (20, 30, 40, as you like).

Prepare your board lists.

This step is the one that will make your pinning strategy easier.

Sometimes you find a pin and save it to your most relevant board, but it can be placed on another board that is related to that particular topic the pin is about. You may want to save this pin to your 4 boards. Here comes in place board lists.

A board list can be defined as a group of relevant boards that are related or that are in the same or similar category.

For example, you can save the pin “Chocolate cake with a cherry topping”  to your boards:

  • Desserts
  • Birthday cakes
  • Christmas desserts
  • Holiday dessert recipes

The easiest way to do this is to create a board list within your Tailwind account and with one click save one pin to several boards. Isn’t it time-saving?

How to create a board list?

Go to the Publisher > Bord lists.

Tailwind - board lists

Click on the icon shown below to add a new list.

Tailwind - create a board list

Here you will insert the name of a board list, and choose the boards you would like to have on that list.

Tailwind - new board list

How to schedule pins?

When you want to save a pin to your board list, select the list you want to add a pin to and click on “Add to Queue Now“. That way you add pins to your scheduler. And with one pin you’ve chosen, you will schedule it for 4 times.

The advantage of using a scheduler is that you can prepare and schedule pins for a week or even a month. Since it is good to keep track of statistics, it would be good to schedule pins a week in advance. That way you can make changes to your scheduler.

TIP: You do not want to schedule the same pin four times in a row. It will look spammy to your followers. To solve this, in Tailwind, you can click on the “Shuffle queue” button which will change the order of the pin’s appearance. That way you don’t have to rearrange it yourself. This can be done with a single click.

Tailwind - shuffle queue

2. Send multiple group board requests with a few clicks. / Automate your Group board requests on Pinterest

When you are just starting with your Pinterest business account or you have it already, but want to join new group boards, or you want to expand your reach using group boards with more followers, your next step is sending requests to a group board’s owners.

What do you need to do to join the group board?

  • find the group board (in your niche)
  • read the instructions (how to join and about behavior when you join)
  • follow the group board and its owner
  • send the request/message on Pinterest/ click on “Join the GB” button.

What to prepare for sending requests?

Typically, you would find information about the group boards you want to join, create a template email, and then start changing 3 things in the template – group board’s name, owner’s name, and email address. If you have 30 group boards in your list, you must check and change the information 90 times. Does that seem a little overwhelming to you?

Using the method we will describe here, you will need to create your group board list and email template once. Everything you do after that will be automated.

Which tools do you need to have?

  • a Gmail account (it’s free)
  • YAMM (50 free emails per day)

What is YAMM?

YAMM stands for Yet Another Mail Merge and it is a mail merge tool. It allows you to easily send email to multiple recipients.

When you sign up for YAMM, you get 50 emails per day to send for free.

YAMM - mail merge tool

So let’s begin to automate group board requests on Pinterest.

How to start your email campaign?

1. Open a blank Google Sheet and type the name of each column. It must start on the A1 field so your campaign will be successful.

When sending group board requests, you will need to create the following columns:

Board Name, Email Address, Name

Group board request - spreadsheet

2. Fill your spreadsheet with all the information you need. Create a group board list you would like to join by typing Grop Board’s name, owner’s name and email address.

3. Create an email draft in Gmail. This is an important part of preparing your email campaign. In your email draft, you have to insert <>, so YAMM will change the name of a recipient and the group board name automatically. Make sure you insert the column name exactly as you typed it in the spreadsheet, without spaces at the end of the name.

So let’s start with the email draft.

Email subject line: Group Board <Board Name>

Hi <Name>,

I came across your Pinterest Group Board called <Board Name> and would love to be a contributor.

I have followed you and your Group Board on Pinterest and would love to join yours <Board Name> Group Board.

My website is: _______________

My Pinterest account is: ________________

The email associated with my Pinterest account is: ________________________________

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Best regards,

Your name

And now let’s start with the fun part.

Steps to send Group Board requests:

1. Open Google Sheet with the information you have prepared and select “Add-ons

2. Hover over “Yet Another Mail Merge” and select “Start Mail Merge

3. Select “Continue”

YAMM- step3

4. Insert your sender name and select the email template you’ve created

YAMM - step 4

5. Select “Alias, filters, personalized attachments” to check your “send from address”. It should be your Pinterest email address. Select “Back“.

YAMM - Step 5

6. Now select “Receive a test email“. That way you will be sure that everything was set up wright.

YAMM - step 6

7. Review the test email and if everything is OK, select “Send # emails

8. When the campaign is done, check your “Sent” folder.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully sent your first campaign with YAMM.


If you can make your actions on Pinterest easier, you should go for it. Here, we’ve talked about two things, the one that can help you simplify your daily presence on the platform and the other to send multiple group board requests in a few steps. These are two things you can automate on Pinterest.

All you have to do is prepare everything for the first time and every other action is easier to complete.

If you found this post and tips helpful, feel free to leave a comment.

Save it for later in your Pinterest marketing tips board.

Have you tried sending your requests yet? Leave a comment below.

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