The best Canva tips for bloggers + Canva shortcuts

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Canva design tips for bloggers

Do you already use Canva for your business and your social media?

If not, this is the place to learn Canva tips and tricks that can help you create beautiful graphics.

If you already use it, then maybe you will find out some new Canva tricks on how to use it more effectively.

As a blogger and a business owner, you surely have created a Pinterest business profile. And Pinterest is all about visuals. By using gorgeous graphics, you can attract your ideal audience.

And is there a better place to create graphics than Canva.

Why Canva?

If you are a beginner blogger, or even blogging for a while, you certainly spend money on your website, courses, learning new things.

Since it is important to be present on different platforms, you need to grow your brand. And you can do this by creating a visual experience for your audience.

  • Canva offers a free plan, so you can use it for free forever. But you can upgrade it whenever you want later.
  • It is easy to use. There are a lot of pre-made templates available, but you can always create your own graphics and choose custom dimensions.
  • And lastly, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to use Canva.

Free Canva features

  • free templates to use
  • photos and graphics
  • 100+ design types
  • many different font styles to use for your graphics
  • 2 folders
  • 1GB cloud storage
  • you can choose custom dimensions for your designs
  • export your graphics as PDF, JPG, PNG

What to create in Canva?

There are many options for using Canva for your business. It’s easy to use to create graphics for your social media, as well as for PDFs, books …

So here are some ideas on how you can use Canva for your business. You can create:

  • Checklists
  • Printables
  • Workbooks
  • E-books
  • Worksheets
  • Social media kits
  • Reports
  • Presentation
  • Calendars
  • PlannersBrochure
  • Invoice
  • Social media graphics (Pinterest pins, Facebook covers, Instagram posts,…)
  • Infographics
  • Your logo
  • Cards (Business card, Birthday card, Recipe card,…)
  • Invitations (Wedding invitation, Birthday invitation,…)
  • Scrapbook

Canva tips

And now let’s talk about Canva tips that can help you create graphics. I use these features almost every time I create pins and graphics, so I think you’ll find them useful when you use Canva for your business.

Select custom dimensions

In Canva, you can use their pre-made templates that already have dimensions set to the type of graphics. But if you want to create graphics using different dimensions, you can add your custom dimensions in Canva and your template is ready to become a beautiful graphic!

Click on Create a designCustom dimensions – Insert width and hight and select px – Create design

create a design in Canva
create a design in Canva - custom dimesion

Add frames

When you want to add a photo to your graphic, you can simply upload it from your computer and use the drag and drop feature to add it.

But there are other ways to do it.

Click Elements on the left-hand side and choose Grids. There are many options and layouts here that you can use for your graphics. Once the grid is selected, you just have to drag and drop the photo inside and adjust it as needed.

Another way is to click on ElementsFrames. There you will see many types of frames that can make your graphics even more interesting.

adding frames in Canva

Free stock photos

As a new blogger, you definitely spend your money carefully, so initially, the best option is to use free stock photos for your graphics.

In Canva, you can search for free photos that will fit the topic you need.

When you click on Photos in the menu, you get 4 options.

  • First, there is a search bar so you can type what you are looking for and thus search the image database. It’s the fastest way to search.
  • Below are the categories you can explore to find the best photo.
  • If you have already searched for photos on Canva, you will see the Recently Used option. There will be all the pictures you used when creating on Canva.
  • And finally, Trending photos are the last. These are the photos that are currently popular.

Add a text box

You can add a text box by selecting the Text option from the menu and choosing text you want to use. But there is an easier way that will save you time.

You just have to type the letter T and a text box will appear on the page. Isn’t that great?

Letter/ Number frame

You can use letter or number frames and insert a photo into them. This will make your graphics more interesting and special.

Click on Elements in the menu and in the search bar type in LETTER FRAME or NUMBER FRAME and you just have to choose the one you want to use.

number and letter frames in Canva

Group the elements

It’s a great option, especially when you spend time creating a title using different fonts, colors meaning several text boxes. Then you put them on a template and at that point, you want to move the photo in the background, but you actually move 1 of the text boxes.

To avoid this, it is best to group all the text boxes to move them together. This does not affect the spaces you have previously set between them.

How to group elements?

1. Select each element

  • drag your mouse over the elements or
  • hold down the shift button and select each element

2. Choose Group option in the upper right-hand side of the window.

Select behind elements

When creating pins or other social media graphics, we try to make them interesting and different from the others. So you can use a photo for the background, layer over the photo to match your brand, text boxes, arrows, lines or other elements. And then you decide to change the color of the layer that is in the background.

It’s behind all these elements and you don’t want to change it because it means moving every element in front. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

You can easily get to the back of the graphic!

Just follow these steps: select the top element, press CTRL and now just click until you reach the element that is placed behind. And that’s it! Have you tried that yet?

Copy elements

Let’s assume you are creating a short ebook. You can use the arrow on one page. You have selected it from the Elements on the menu, changed the size, color, position. And on the other page, you want to use the same arrow. To avoid re-adjusting the element again, you can simply copy the element.

Select an element, click the Duplicate option in the upper right-hand side of the window and now you have to move the arrow to the page you want (drag and drop).

But the easier way is to select an element and press CTRL + C. Click on the page you want to place it on and press CTRL + V. And there’s the element!

Another useful example is if you have a line on each page in an ebook, you can simply create and copy of the first page as many times as you need. That way all pages will be the same.

If you accidentally move a line on one of the pages and can no longer return it to the same place, there is a solution.

Use the ctrl + C function to copy the line, click on the page where you need to place it and just press ctrl + V. That way it will be placed in the same position as on the previous page.

Using Canva for your business, you have so many options. You just have to be creative and try different styles until you find the one that suits you and your brand.

Useful Canva shortcuts:

When you use Canva for your business, you want to be as efficient as possible. So, here is a list of Canva shortcuts to help save you time

  • ADD A TEXT BOX                                             T            
  • ZOOM IN                                                           ctrl + +
  • ZOOM OUT                                                       ctrl + –
  • UNDO                                                                ctrl + Z
  • SELECT BEHIND ELEMENT                            ctrl + click (until you get to the back element)
  • DESELECT                                                       ESC
  • MOVE AN ELEMENT FOR 1px                      select + arrow (up, down, left or right)
  • LEFT ALIGN OF THE TEXT                             ctrl + shift + L
  • RIGHT ALIGN OF THE TEXT                          ctrl + shift + R
  • CENTER ALIGN OF THE TEXT                       ctrl + shift + C
  • GROUP 2 OR MORE ELEMENTS                  ctrl + G
  • UNGROUP ELEMENTS                                   ctrl + shift + G
  • SELECT ALL ELEMENTS                                ctrl + A
  • COPY                                                                ctrl + C
  • PASTE                                                               ctrl + V
  • CHANGE LETTERS TO UPPERCASE             ctrl + shift + K
  • (LOWERCASE)                  


I hope this post about Canva tips and tricks has helped you to get the most out of the features out there.

Maybe you learned something new.

If you have any favorite features on Canva that you use, feel free to describe them in the comments below.

As you can see, you can use Canva for free which is a great thing in the beginning.

I want you to try and use the program and create the most beautiful graphics!

Save this post for later on your Pinterest board if you liked it.



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The best Canva tips for creating graphics

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