How to grow your blog with your best-performing pins?

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How to find best-performing pins?

We all want to grow our blog.

When you publish more than 10 blog posts and add new posts weekly, spend your time on social media platforms promoting your content and doing everything for others to see it, it can be exhausting.

After all this work is done, sometimes the results do not look as you expected.

This is because you are not using a strategy to grow your blog or business.

Promoting your content without a strategy can take years before you see results. So, it is important to create one strategy and stick to it until you see your traffic increase or you gain new followers (or whatever your goal is).

To create your strategy as a blogger and a Pinterest member, you should listen to your statistics.

From time to time, it’s a good idea to check your analytics to know which direction to go. Sometimes the strategy doesn’t work and something has to change (because platforms change frequently). That is why you should monitor your analytics and act the right way.

How to find your best-performing pins?

There are a few ways to find your best pins.

1. In Pinterest analytics –

Go to Analytics Overview.

Pinterest analytics

Choose your website under Claimed accounts.

Pinterest analytics - yourwebsiteURL

Under Top pins choose Link clicks. It shows you the pins that people have clicked and that lead them to your website.

Pinterest analytics - Top pins

2. In Google Analytics –

Go to Aquisition Social Network referralsPinterest.

Google analytics

When you know which pins perform the best, you should write them down and see if there are any differences in Google Analytics and Pinterest analytics results. Do the cross-reference and choose your TOP PINS.

Now you have information about what people like to search and read on your blog and what interests them.

This is valuable information that you can use to your further work.

Create a Pinterest strategy based on analytics.

It is time to determine your strategy, see what works for you and what you need to do with your best-performing pins.

1. Repin your best-performing pins

You should have your pins recirculated on Pinterest, so the first thing you should do is repin these best pins. Repin it to group boards and personal boards that are relevant to the pins. Give your audience the opportunity to see your content again. Maybe some of them have never seen it before (because of the time you were added pins on Pinterest), so put your pins in front of your audience.

2. Add them to the Tailwind Tribes

It is great to show the Tribe members your pins and your content. There you can get more views and even new followers who will like your content. But be sure to repin other people’s pins from the Tribe for each of your added pins.

3. Create new graphics for your best-performing pins

This is a great idea because Pinterest will see your new graphics as new content. So, instead of writing a new blog post (when you don’t have a lot of time), you can create new pins and upload them to the group boards and your personal boards. Remember to add pin descriptions and hashtags.

TIP: You can use this information about your best-performing pins to think about your future blog post ideas. It is a great source to find out what your audience wants to read more, what their interests are. This way, you can choose a few of your best pins (blog posts) and put them together into one blog post, or go in-depth into one particular (specific) area that interests your audience and that was mentioned in the blog post that gets the most clicks. The opportunities are endless.

How to improve your Pinterest strategy?

Google Analytics data can show you the results you need to pay attention to. For example, what content your audience likes, which pins get the most clicks, what topics your audience is interested in, or popular posts where they leave their comments, what topics they want to know more about.

To improve the strategy you can:

improve your SEO – Check your pin title, pin description and see if you can add the keywords that people are searching for. You can also check your blog post title, meta description, and blog post and add keywords as needed.

check your pin graphics – In analytics, you get information about the pins your audience saves and clicks the most. These are your popular pins and those eye-catching pin graphics are loved by your audience. Try to create pin templates (3-5 pin graphics) that go well. It will be very helpful for your next pin graphics. All you have to do is change the image and the title and you are done.

check your pinning strategy – First, make sure you follow the rules of the group boards you are in.  It is important that you do not add the same pins over and over again. And be sure to repin someone else’s pins for each of your pins added to the group board. That way you collaborate with others in the group board.

Download this simple guide to lead you through finding the best-performing pins and creating a strategy to promote your content.



Now that you know how to find your best-performing pins, how to create your Pinterest strategy based on your best pins, and how to improve your strategy on Pinterest, it’s time to take action.

Analytics is your guide and you should pay attention to the information that analytics shows you.

Make a  strategy that works for you and your audience, stick to it and you will see results for sure.

If you have your own Pinterest strategy that works for you, or you have advice on analytics, feel free to leave a comment below.

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