Can I see who viewed my Pinterest profile?

who viewed your Pinterest profile Have you ever wondered if you can see who viewed your Pinterest profile?

Pinterest is a visual search engine that gives you a new experience of research and for that reason is different than Google.

On Pinterest images, the headlines and visual experience are the most important things that attract the audience first to your Pinterest profile and then to your website.

But when we come to a question if you can see who viewed your Pinterest profile, at first you might be disappointed with the answer, but read on to see all the possibilities you have within your Pinterest account.

Can I actually see who viewed my Pinterest profile?

The answer to that question is NO, you can’t. There is not an option on your Pinterest profile that notes or records who your visitors are. If there were something like that, it could have called “The people who viewed my profile”. Do you agree? 🙂

But, there is a way for you to see who repinned your Pins. That means who saved your Pin and to which board the Pin was saved. The only condition to do that is to have verified your website on Pinterest. Without a connection between your Pinterest account and your website would be impossible to see this information.

The good thing about researching your audience within your Pinterest account is that you can get another valuable information about them.

When you check who repinned your Pins, you can reach to the profiles of those people and see which boards they have, who they follow on Pinterest. That way you collect information about your audience interests. Maybe you get an idea for creating a new board your audience will love.

Where can I see my repinned Pins?

To find out this valuable information, you need to do a simple action. Just type the following URL:

When you press the enter, you will get a whole list of your Pins that are repinned.

Within the listed Pins, you can see information about who did it and where they pinned those Pins. That way you get the insight into information about people who like your content and who saved it to their boards.

What about information about my audience?

There is another way for you to get to know your audience and to see more in-depth information about them. You just need to check under your AnalyticsAUDIENCE INSIGHTS.

Audience insight - Pinterest analytics

For this option, you need to have a Pinterest business account.  And to set it up correctly, read this post.

There, you can see all the information related to the people who viewed your profile. For example, you can find out about their: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • The device they reached with to your Pinterest profile
  • Categories and interests they are interested in.


Even there is no such an option within a Pinterest account to see directly who viewed your Pinterest profile, you can still get information about your audience and get to know them if you look at your stats. You can play around and see where your audience is coming from, which’s their age as well as information about your content they like to read, save and pin to their boards.

Even if you can not see who visited your Pinterest profile, you can get more valuable information about your audience who likes your content, your Pins and your boards using the simple URL method mentioned above.

When we think about who visited our profile, we come to the conclusion that it is not essential to know that information. The reason for this is that it will not add value to our profile or we will have more people accessing our account due to this data.

But on the other hand, the information we get from our audience statistics (age, country, interests…) can be valuable to us to get to know them and understand their interests better.

who viewed my Pinterest profile

Pinterest audience
Pinterest audience
Pinterest audience

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  1. Great info! Thanks for telling us! I’m constantly worried that I’m not reaching my intended audience and here at least is more one clue!

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