15 best Canva font pairings for Pinterest

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Canva font pairings for Pinterest

Do you think of font pairing as something that could help you in your business?

If you haven’t thought about how fonts can be useful, read on to find out how you can use fonts and font pairings for your business.

First, let’s make it clear once more – Pinterest is a visual search engine. Using keywords or phrases, people find content that interests them.

As you scroll through Pinterest you must have seen all those pins, colors, titles.

And we all love to see a pretty picture or something that will inspire us to take action or make us feel better.

So to stand out and to get people to read your blog, you need to create nice looking pins.

One aspect of that nice looking pin is the font.

How can you attract your audience using nice fonts and font pairings?

Fonts can play a big role in the appearance of your pin and how it will attract people.

Imagine putting a lot of effort into the visual part of the pin, finding a beautiful picture and designing a catchy title.

And after that, you chose fonts that didn’t highlight the title.

No matter how good the title is, unappropriate fonts can impair its reach.

So keep in mind some basic directions:

  • That you use easy-to-read fonts so your audience will have no trouble reading it.
  • You can combine 2 font types to emphasize an important word.
  • Use only 1 font type, but a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • But also you can use 1 font type and emphasize the important word in bold.

There are many ways to use fonts for your Pinterest graphics.

Do not be afraid to try different font pairings, so you’ll find what’s best for your brand.

Types of fonts

There are 4 types of fonts.

  • 1. Serif
  • 2. Sans-serif
  • 3. Script
  • 4. Decorative

So let’s explain each one.

1. Serif fonts

These are fonts that have small lines (serifs) added to each letter at the top and bottom. Seris fonts are known as more traditional and they are the oldest in use.

The word “serif” means a small line placed at the bottoms and tops of each letter.

These are the most popular letters in use today.

For example:

serif fonts

2. Sans-serif fonts

These fonts have clean, straight lines, with no “serif” added. They are easy to read and match the serif fonts great.

For example:

Sans-serif fonts

3. Script fonts

These are fonts that have a curved style. They are similar to handwriting and are used to evoke creativity and elegance.

Sometimes it’s hard to read, so it’s better to use them to emphasize one word or one part of a phrase. Or you can use them for the title, but not for the body text.

For example:

Script fonts

4. Decorative fonts

Decorative fonts are hard to read and they can be used for headlines or as graphical elements.

For example:

Decorative fonts

How to combine fonts?

Since we explained the types of fonts, now is the time to combine them.

Serif fonts can be used with sans serif fonts (a combination of uppercase fonts or uppercase and lowercase fonts).

You can use only serif fonts or sans serif fonts (a combination of uppercase and lowercase fonts, or bold and normal style).

If you choose scripts or decorative fonts, be careful and use them to emphasize one or two important words in the title. Combine them with script fonts and it will look nice.

You don’t want your pins to look crowded or hard to read.

The font pairings

Here are the font pairings you can use for your pin titles. The fonts are all free to use in Canva.

You can see the example on one side, and the name of the font on the other side.

font pairings for Pinterest


Now that we’ve learned something about fonts, you can choose the combination you like from the example above and start creating your next pin.

You do not have to use font pairing exactly as shown above. But be careful what styles you will combine together.

Keep in mind that your pin title is easy to read and shows your brand.

What do you think about font styles and font pairings?

Which one would you use to create your new pin?

And finally, save this post to one of your Pinterest boards to refer to it later.

Canva font pairings for Pinterest pins 15 best Canva font pairings
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