How to use FREE Canva Pinterest Templates

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In this post: How to use FREE Canva Pinterest templates to create multiple different pins for your blog. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to make pins using FREE Canva Pinterest templates.

No, this is not a post where you will have to enter your email address or buy pin design templates. This is just a post in which I will guide you through the transformation of a free Pinterest template in Canva to your own branded pin. The one that represents your brand and is tailored to your design.

Are you overwhelmed by creating fresh Pinterest pins and would love to have a system in place to be faster when creating new pins?

How to use free Canva Pinterest templates

After a huge Pinterest algorithm update, content creators should create more new pins. That being said, you should consider creating your own templates you can get back to every time you make new pins for your blog, landing pages. It will make that process much easier and will save you time.

But first, let’s talk about what fresh pins actually mean? 

This means that every new pin that you create is considered fresh. It could be a pin for your new blog post as well as a pin for the older post. When creating pins, use new images, text overlays, anything that will make your pin new, different, and fresh.

And we will agree that it is time-consuming.

Creating new content daily can be overwhelming so I have a process in place that will help you stay consistent with your Pinterest strategy and pin creation. 

The question is:

How to be more efficient when creating Pinterest pins?

Here is the answer – Create your own pin templates!

To start dealing with templates, you’ll have to spend some time deciding on the details on the pins. But that effort will pay off for you later because you’ll just have to change some things on the templates and you are done.

You can use Canva to do that. It is free to use, all the features you get in your free account are great so if you are just getting started, just sign up and start using it.

In Canva you will see many premade templates that you can adjust to your needs. And today, we will focus on Canva Pinterest templates.

They are easy to use, free, customizable to your brand, easy to edit, and the most important part, you can use them over and over again.

What do I need to attract my ideal audience on Pinterest? 

  • a blog post/a product/ a landing page,  
  • a free Canva account,
  • great pin designs.

Those are the things you need to attract your ideal audience. You will have to sign up for a free Canva account to be able to create Pinterest pins, opt for a pin design that your audience will love. Lastly, you need to have a place where that pin will lead your audience. That can be your blog post, landing page for your product, service, course, etc. 

What makes a pin good on Pinterest?

Let’s talk about the pin design. There are many factors that affect pin performance. Here are 6 elements that every pin should have, so find out more about the great pin designs here.

But how would you describe the pin that is attractive, which contains every important element on it?

That pin needs to be:

  • beautiful and good looking– because Pinterest is a visual platform where people come for inspiration. And they will be inspired by great images. So make your pins nice and good looking.
  • interesting – your pins need to entice curiosity, they need to be interesting to your audience so they will click on them and would like to learn more about a particular topic behind the pin.
  • valuable – they need to have a strong message in the headline to let people know they will find the answer to their problem there. Your audience will click on your pins to find out more. To do this, you will use the main keywords in the headline on your pin that describes the content behind the pin.
  • useful – you need to know who your audience is and what their pain points are. That way you will know what content to produce. It is a guideline that leads you to write useful and helpful blog posts for YOUR audience and give answers to their questions. 
  • having CTA – include a call to action on your pins. This means that if you have a freebie to offer, show it on your pin. If you have something valuable inside the post that will interest your target audience, put it on a pin. You can even display a mockup of your free checklist, guide, or anything you want to offer your readers.

How do I create a pin for Pinterest? 

This is a question that has a simple step-by-step answer. Just follow the steps in this blog post and try to create a pin that will show your brand.

How do I upload a pin on Pinterest? 

Uploading a pin is basic knowledge when talking about Pinterest and creating a pinning strategy. There are several ways you can upload a pin to Pinterest. Some of them are time-saving so find out and learn how to upload a pin to Pinterest.

Let’s create a pin using free Canva Pinterest templates

First, you should have a free Canva account. 

There, you will click on Templates – under Social media click on Pinterest Graphic.

Canva Pinterest Graphics menu

 Scroll down to see suggested pin templates. At this point, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the colors, fonts. You will choose the design that you like for your pins.

1. Choose a pin template using the free Canva library

Just click on the pin graphic and a new window will open. If you change your mind and find some design you like there, you can click on any other pin graphic and replace the first one you selected.

I chose the design shown in the image below.

Canva Pinterest template

2. Change the image/photo

There are two types of photos on Canva- free and paid. If you see a watermark on the image on the pin, it means that it is paid one and you can’t use it with your free Canva account. 

You can upload your images and use them on your pins or you can use stock photos.

adjust the layout of your pin

3. Adjust the elements on the pin

If there are some details like borders or elements that make your pin more beautiful, you can always customize them or move so you can type in the title. On this pin, I enlarged white space to make sure to have enough free space for the headline.

Depending on the elements on the pin, you can make different adjustments.

4. Change colors and fonts/ add a headline

Just click on the text box on the pin and add your headline and change fonts and colors. You can use different font styles but have in mind that you use easy to read fonts. You can emphasize the important word by using a different color, bold text, or different font style. 

RELATED: Best Canva font pairings for your pins

adding a headline to your pin

5. Add your blog URL and CTA if needed

Don’t forget to add your blog URL or logo on your pin. If you offer a freebie, add that too.

7. Several pin versions using the same Canva Pinterest template

 Here is an example of different pins using one pin template. When you change the image, font style, color, Pinterest considers it a fresh pin.

So, here are shown different pins using this one template.

Here are examples of different pins that I created using a single pin template shown above. When you change the image, font style, color, Pinterest considers it a fresh pin.

So, different pins are shown here using this one template.

different pin versions

Do you like those?

Final thoughts on free Canva Pinterest Templates

Your Pinterest strategy involves creating new content which means you should create new pins on a weekly, or even daily basis. There are several ways to achieve this without feeling exhausted.

If you don’t want to spend money on Pinterest templates, creating your own templates will help you be faster in implementing the Pinterest strategy.

So sign up for a free Canva account, explore and find a few Canva Pinterest templates you like, and create your own templates.

What do you think about this strategy?

Save this post to your Pinterest board.

Feel free to leave a comment and share what your best advice is for creating new pins.

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