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Update: There have been many changes on Pinterest lately that can affect your strategy. One of them is the use of hashtags.

Hashtags are still searchable on Pinterest, but they work as keywords. You can type the hashtag in the search box and you will get the results.
The recent changes are:
At the bottom of the pins in the search results, a title is shown, and not the description.
When you click on the pin, the hashtags are no longer clickable.

In this post: Do you know how to use hashtags on Pinterest? Learn what a hashtag is and how to find and create one for YOUR needs. Learn everything you need to know about hashtags on Pinterest in this post.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag can be defined as a combination of a keyword that follows the # sign.

It is widely used on social media platforms but was only introduced on Pinterest some time ago.

Since Pinterest is not a social media platform but a search engine, hashtags are used somewhat differently here.

When you use hashtags on your pins, you need to know that Pinterest will display that pin in chronological order. So, under that particular hashtag, your pin will appear first in results for that hashtag when you upload it to the platform.

I hope you understood the whole process of how the hashtag works on Pinterest.

how to use hashtags on Pinterest the right way

Tips for creating hashtags.

There are some rules or guidelines that you should know when talking about creating hashtags.

1. Do not use space between words – when you type your hashtag in a Pinterest search box, you will first use the # sign, followed by the chosen words. You don’t want to separate those words if there are a few.

For example, this is a no-no #Pinterest marketing, and this is the right way to create a hashtag #Pinterestmarketing.

2. Do not use punctuation – when typing your hashtag, you shouldn’t use any punctuation. This means that the hashtag stands on its own. You’re going to type it in and that’s it. Do not use a period, exclamation mark, comma. So when you type 2 or more hashtags, type them as follows: #dinnerrecipes #easydinner #easyrecipes

3. Try to make it easier to read using capital letters for each word – This is not the rule and hashtags are usually written in lowercase, but if you want to make it easier to read, you can use uppercase letters to start the word. For example, #DinnerRecipes instead of #dinnerrecipes.

How to find hashtags on Pinterest for your pins?

There are several ways to find hashtags on Pinterest for your pins. It’s like research, and it’s also fun. First, you need to specify your content’s keyword. That will be your starting point.

1. In the Pinterest search box, type #, enter your keywords after that sign, and hit enter. See which pins are displayed as a result for that particular hashtag. If the pins in the results are relevant to your topic, it means that the hashtag is well chosen and you can use it for your content.

For example, if you have a blog post with a chicken recipe, you can start your search with #chickenrecipe and see if it is relevant to your blog post. It definitely is! 🙂

But there are times when your hashtag wouldn’t be a great option to use. For example, if a blog post is about how to name your Pinterest boards, you can check the hashtag in the Pinterest search box first. So I typed in #nameyourPinterestboards and here is what Pinterest said.

Pinterest search box

After that, I searched for the hashtag #Pinterestboards and there were shown many relevant pins in the results, as well as for the hashtag #Pinterestboardnames. So this is a trial and error. You need to research the best hashtags you will use for your pins.

2. In the Pinterest search box, just enter your main keyword and click enter.

Look at the pins shown in the first row. You can click on a few of them to see which hashtags are used there. Do not copy all the hashtags you find there. This will guide you in choosing those hashtags that are the most relevant to your content.

How to use hashtags on Pinterest?

Hashtags on Pinterest are used in one place and it is in the pin description, but they are no longer clickable. By using them in the wrong place, you lose space for some other useful keywords you could type there.

With that being said, you can still use them, but they are optional.

When you type hashtags in the pin description, the best practice is to put them at the end of the text. It will look like a list of hashtags.


How many hashtags do I use on my pins?

You can use a few hashtags in the pin description- for example up to 5 relevant hashtags per pin.

Your pin description is limited by the number of letters, so use it to add keywords and a few hashtags at the end.

Which hashtags are good for my pins?

I prefer to use 3 types of hashtags on my pin descriptions.

1. my brand name – to collect all my pins under a branded hashtag and increase brand awareness

2. a broad hashtag – it will display the topic to which the pin is associated (content behind the pin). For example, if I’m writing about creating and organizing Pinterest boards, I will use hashtags like #Pinterestmarketing, #Pintereststrategiestips, or similar. It will show in which area the content belongs.  

3. more detailed hashtags – these types of hashtags will be more precise and with the help of these hashtags, you can explain in more detail what your content is about. So here, as an example, I would use #Pinterestboards #organizePinterestboards.

Should I add hashtags on my existing pins?

Once you have the pins published, adding hashtags to the pin description will not help. Your pins will not appear first in the search results after adding these.

Don’t concern about adding hashtags to existing pins. Concentrate on finding great hashtags and adding them to new pins.

How I used hashtags on this pin before the update?

Here is one of my pins with good performance that I want to show you.

You always want to look at your analytics to see what your audience is responding to.

hashtags on the pin on Pinterest

This is a pin that leads to the post about Canva font pairings. The stats are good.

When I analyzed this particular pin, I realized that there are only 3 hashtags in the description. 2 “broad” hashtags and 1 “detailed” hashtag.

This shows me that I need to specify my pin with a hashtag that describes the entire topic concerned (in this case #fonts and #typography), and then use a more precise and detailed hashtag (#fontpairings).

Final words on how to use hashtags on Pinterest.

Now that we have talked about what hashtags are, how to create them, where to use hashtags on Pinterest and after this example of a good-performing pin, it’s time to try the hashtags on your pins.

Let me know in the comments below which hashtag combination works best for you and your Pinterest business account.

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