How to become a morning person?

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Become a morning person

Are you already a morning person or still trying to wake up early and become one?

I struggled to wake up early in the morning. And by early I mean I want to wake up at least an hour or two before my kids.

I always wanted to do this, but I ended up so tired that I couldn’t get out of bed.

And every day I felt guilty about it because I wanted so much to become the morning person (that I was a few years ago).

Then I realized, I need to analyze my day and find out the reason why am I so exhausted and can’t get out of bed early!

This is the first step to becoming a morning person.

Analyze your day!

You will have to divide your day into 3 parts – morning, afternoon and evening and analyze what you spend your time on.

Only then can you come to the conclusion whether your activities add value or just waste your time.

Read the post to the end because that one thing that can help you become a morning person is at the end of the post.

Overview of daily activities

We will divide our activities into those that add value and those that waste your time.

When you talk about adding value, it means you spend time on your personal growth as well as improving your family life or your business.

You have a goal that you want to achieve, so these are activities that will bring you closer to achieving that specific goal. So concentrate more on those tasks in the day.

Time-consuming activities can easily overwhelm you, and even if you don’t notice it right away, it can waste you an hour or two a day (and maybe more).

Later you will come to the conclusion that you could have spent that time smarter.

And when you realize that time cannot return, you will begin to use it wiser.

This is why you need to become aware of it.

Which activities add value

These are the activities that will help you reach your goal. For this, it is very important to set a plan, determine what steps will bring you closer to your goal and prioritize your tasks.

For example, if your goal is to get more email subscribers, you should split it into smaller steps. So you can

  • create a blog post for your audience and offer a freebie to help them solve a problem
  • add a pop-up form on your website
  • create a free resource library on your website…,
  • and work on those smaller tasks daily/weekly.

Which activities waste your time

These are activities that put you away from your goals. For example, if you scroll down through social networks for no purpose. Sometimes they can also be useful, in terms of inspiration to write a new blog post or connection with others. But they can also waste time because using them time seems to fly.

The other thing is when you set your priorities wrong. For example, if you want to monetize your blog and try to sell a product. You’re working on a promotion and you haven’t increased your traffic yet. It’s a mistake that won’t get you to your goal. So think about the things you can do daily, and that you can accomplish.

How to Become a Morning Person?

How to become a morning person

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time. Until I tried to become a morning person.

Plan your days

The first step is to plan your days. I like to plan my week in advance so I know what I need to focus on every day. That doesn’t mean I can’t change my schedule, but I plan the days to know what task I’m going to get started on.

You can download an annual planner here to help you set and achieve your goals.

Keep in mind the tasks that add value we talked about above.

A quiet evening

The second step is a quiet evening. Decide on a time when children should be in bed. Whether it’s 8 pm or 9 pm, it depends, but stick to it so you can create a daily rhythm.

After dinner and cleaning the house and when your children are in bed, take time for yourself.

You can have half an hour to read a book or to listen to a course you have purchased that you have not completed yet.

Time for bed

The next step is so important. Go to bed at almost the same time every night. Your body will thank you for that. Good sleep is important, so be aware of it. You need to rest and recharge your batteries for the next day. 🙂

Remove distractions

Finally, what you should do before going to bed – put your cellphone away in another room. Leave it in the living room. You need to relax and go to bed peacefully. And if you navigate social networks, those 5 minutes you wanted to spend on your phone will turn into an hour. It distracts you so much that you are finally trapped. Be aware of this.

Become a morning person

And here comes the morning. When you have your evening rituals in place, it will be easier for you to be more satisfied in the morning.

… in the morning…

So, wake up early in the morning. That means at least an hour or two before your kids.

After your quiet evening routine, you will feel happier and more satisfied.

You can also create your own morning routine.

You can:

  • take a shower
  • drink a cup of tea or coffee
  • read a book
  • or just sit in silence for 5 minutes.

Relax and get started with your tasks for the day.

This is where your planner matters. When you plan your day, you know exactly what you will be working on and will be more focused on your tasks. Otherwise, you will think that you can start working on one task, but the other thing is more important and you will end up confused. So try to organize your day.

When your children wake up, you will have the feeling that you have already reached today’s goal or at least part of it.

Then use the second part of the day (a few hours during nap time) when you can work and call it a day. Spend the rest of the day with your children and family.

One thing that can help you become a morning person

I will give you one useful tip on how you can start your day and become a morning person. You should set a timer for when you want to wake up. When the timer is on, don’t just snooze it and go back to bed. It won’t help you. Use the 5-second rule.

When you hear the timer sound, just count from 5 to 1 and get out of bed.

This is Mel Robbins’ theory and is effective if implemented here as well as in all other life and business fields.

When you feel a desire to act, take action immediately.


Sometimes it can be difficult to cope with the time, but if you are determined to change your daily routine and change it for the better, it will be easier to cope with your responsibilities.

Try to become a morning person and you will see all the beauty of the morning and how it can affect the rest of your day- positively.

I would like to know what morning routines you have?

How do you plan your day?

And what do you think of the 5-second rule?

Become a morning person
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