How to brand your Pinterest profile with these 5 tips?

brand your Pinterest profile You’ve created your Pinterest account successfully, inserted keywords everywhere is needed and now you want to brand your Pinterest profile. Actually, you should brand your Pinterest profile so it looks more professional.

What does it mean to brand your Pinterest profile?

Well, it means you should insert your fonts, brand colors and other branding stuff to every part of the Pinterest profile. That way your profile will get a look you’d want to show to everyone. 🙂

You want people to recognize your brand on your website and relate it to your Pinterest profile as well.

This post covers tips and advice on how to do that.

5 steps you need to take to brand your Pinterest profile

1. Pinterest profile image

Your profile image is the first thing that others notice. You should use your own photo or insert your logo there. If you choose your logo, make sure that you use fonts and colors recognizable for your brand.

Along your image stands a business name which is defined at the beginning of your Pinterest journey.

More tips on how to insert the profile image, which size should it be and how to choose a business name, you can read here.

2. Pinterest profile cover

This is a great option for your profile to look professional. The Pinterest profile cover is located at the top of your Pinterest account and it shows you the last Pins you saved to your boards.

Here is how you can set it up for your profile.

  • On the right top corner click on a pencil button.
Pinterest profile cover
  • There you will have to select a board to feature. It can be your blog’s board or whatever board you wish. That means in your profile cover will be shown Pins you are saving to the chosen board. The other possibility is that you set the latest Pins you saved, no matter in which board those are saved.
  • Click on “Done” to save it.
Pinterest profile cover 1

 TIP: you can choose your own board (related to your own content), or board related to your niche. You have the possibility to choose only one board for this feature.

3. Featured boards

This is an option to select to 5 boards which will be shown within your Pinterest account when someone reaches to your profile.

If you choose that feature, the boards you select will be the first that others will see within your profile. The benefit of it is that you can select your own board so that way you will promote your website and your content.

This is very easy to select, so just follow the steps below.

1. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the window. Go to “Settings”.

featured board

2. “Edit profile” and at the bottom of the window where featured boards option is, click on “Edit”.

featured board 1

3. Now you will see slots where you can choose which one of the board you will set as a feature board.

It is not wrong to choose only one board if it is the only one that is related to your blog’s content.

4. Click the “Save” button.

featured board 2

4. Pinterest URL (username)

Click on three dots and “Settings” to reach to this option.

You can change your username by using niched keywords, your name or your business name. It depends on you, but changing that feature your profile will get a new URL address, so it would become more personalized.

TIP: Is it better to have an URL like this: or this one: Here you could play with words so insert a keyword related to your niche.

5. Pinterest board covers

If you want to personalize the look of your boards, you can easily do it by adding a board cover to each one of them. That way you will get a branded look that fits the style of your website. You should be using fonts and colors as on your website to be recognizable.

You can create board covers in Canva. There can be placed an image, can be written the board name or combination of those, whatever you like. The size of my board cover is 800×800 px.

Now you might be wondering how to insert Canva image as a board cover! It’s easy.  Just follow these steps.

After you’ve created your images for board covers, the first thing you need to do is to create a Pin for your board.

1. Download your board covers from Canva.

2. Click on your board and copy its URL. (This is an important step that will allow you to link your Pin to your board’s URL. Often this step is forgotten. First, you insert a Pin’s name and the description and figure out that you need to get back to your board to copy its URL. But if you do it now, it will save you some time.)

3. Click on a plus sign and choose “Create Pin”.

create a Pin
create a Pin 1

4. Paste URL of a board as a destination link.

5. Insert the name of a board as a title and the description of a board.

6. Insert an image as the cover you saved from Canva.

7. Choose if you want to publish it immediately or later. I suggest that you add and publish your Pins for board covers among the Pins you will be pinning through the day because if you do it all at once for all your boards, it will look spammy to your followers in their notifications. You can even choose to publish those at a later date and time, but you can not finish the board cover process until that Pin isn’t published.

8.  Choose the board and click on “Publish”.

Now let’s set up a board cover you’ve created.

1. Hover your cursor to the right bottom corner of your board and click on a pencil button.

a board cover set up

2. Click on “Change” button under the cover option.

a board cover set up 1

3. Choose a Pin you’ve created as a board cover.

a board cover set up 2

4. Click on “Save”.

a board cover set up 3

And there you have it.

a board cover


Using board covers, your profile will look more organized, so find the time to create these for every board you have.

Maybe it will last for some time, but you will have a nicer board list that stands out.

Here is the final list what you should do to personalize your Pinterest profile:

  • 1. Insert a Pinterest profile image and choose a business name
  • 2. Set up a Pinterest profile cover
  • 3. Set up featured boards
  • 4. Use a niched keyword for your username (your Pinterest URL)
  • 5. Create and set up Pinterest board covers.

Do you find this post useful?

What do you do to brand your Pinterest profile?

Write your opinion in the comments below.

brand your Pinterest business profile

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