How to easily check your competition?

Check your competitors Every day you are in touch with other people, no matter if they were from your niche or not. You can call them your friends, collaborators, partners and some of them are called your competitors. But I don’t think about competition in a bad way.

Here I am talking about competitors who you learn from, who inspire you,  who lead you so you can achieve your goals.

Competitors can be:

  • inspirational
  • motivational
  • encouraging
  • supportive (in some way).

When starting out something new, most of the people have a role model, someone whose path they want to follow because they think it is the right one for them.

Maybe you admire to someone on his achievement and want to go the same way.

So I think it is good to have someone to be your inspiration.

I said earlier that competitors can be supportive, so I want to explain it to you. For example, if you are starting your own business, you surely need someone who will lead you at the beginning of your business journey.

There are so many excellent courses where people share their knowledge that you can use to start something on your own. After a while, when you become more experienced, those people in some way become your competitors. You enter the world where they are already working and where they have built a reputation. So when you come in and establish your brand, you compete with them for an audience, clients (whatever your business is about).

How can you find out who your competitors are?

Here are the steps you should take to find out who your competitors are and how you can use that information to help yourself and your business growth.

Step 1. Find out who your competitors are.

This is the easiest way to find who your competitors are. Insert a keyword or your niche into a Pinterest search box. Under the “People” you will get the list of the people who are the most popular in their niche, who have the most followers and are established as experts.

Find out how to search for people on Pinterest?

ACTION TO TAKE: Write down the name or a business name of 5 people within your niche who rank high in a Pinterest search.

Step 2. Research on your competition.

Now when you know who your competitors are, it’s time to start researching. They have so many followers and engaged audience because they are established as experts. It’s time to research on their Pinterest profiles.

ACTION TO TAKE: Look at their profiles, which boards do they have, which group boards are they in, how do their Pins look like, look at the board dedicated to their blog, do they offer a product or a service (consider offering something similar in the future if you already don’t have a product to offer to your customers).

Step 3. Explore what people love about them on Pinterest.

This is an easy step to take.

You just need to insert following URL into your browser:

Just a short notice: the website you are searching on needs to be verified on Pinterest.

That way you will get worthy information about the content of your competitors. Mentioned URL leads you to the valuable resource of your competitor’s most popular content.

As a result of the search, you will see the list of blog posts their audience loves to read and save on Pinterest. It is great to know what is trending right now in your niche so you can get the inspiration for your next blog post. Of course, the important thing is not to copy any of the content, but inspire yourself to write a similar post or even more comprehensive one. This is a great help when you don’t know what to write next or when you are looking for inspiration.

ACTION TO TAKE: Make a list of blog posts you can use for your blog. Get inspiration with this resource and use it in a good way. Finally, when you use this information, it can help you to rank higher in searches as well as to get more traffic because now you know which content is doing well.

Step 4. Research on their content.

You can get an insight into your competitor’s most popular content. Go to BuzzSumo and type in your competitor’s URL in a search box.

Here is buzzsumo research tool

There you will see their most popular content and the number of shares. You can sort these results depending on a social media platform you are interested in at the moment. If you want to know which is the best content on Pinterest, just click on Pinterest Shares.

Here is an example of how does it look like when you see the results listed.

buzzsumo results page

This is a free tool and you can use it when you need inspiration (As well as an URL from the step before).

ACTION TO TAKE: Using this free tool, create a list of titles that you think are interesting for your next month of blogging so you always have an idea of what to write for your audience.

Step 5. Another great tool.

There is another tool to find out more information about your competitors. It is called Ubersuggest. There you can find out more about top pages from the URL you typed into a search box as well as keywords that are used. It is a more detailed search where you can find valuable information.

Ubersuggest looks like this.
ubersuggest menu

ACTION TO TAKE: Start researching on keywords that are listed here. It’s a good way for your blog post SEO to become better.

Step 6. Take action

Here are listed some activities you can take to understand your competitors better.

You can:

  • follow experts in your niche on Pinterest or other social media platforms
  • subscribe to their newsletter
  • comment on their posts
  • subscribe on their YouTube channel
  • buy a course they’ve created and become their student.

That last activity is important if you’ve found someone who you admire and would like to develop yourself in a similar direction. That way the person you choose to learn from becomes your mentor.

Finally, you will come to a conclusion about how imporant it is to have someone to lead you and the most important thing, someone who was in your place once.


There are plenty of ways to find out more about your competitors. It is valuable information when you are just starting out your business journey, so you know in what direction to go. And the most important thing is to learn from your competitors/experts/mentors, however you want to call them.

Maybe you are surprised by my definition of a competitor, but I would define it as described above.  First, they are our inspiration, motivation and role model. Mentors, teachers, helpers. When we become more experienced, we can call them competitors as well as collaborators. Do you agree? 🙂

Do you find these tips useful? Feel free to leave a comment below.

And if you have your own way to track your competitors, I’ll be glad to hear them in the comments.

check your competitors
Check your competition

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