How to create a catchy headline for your Pins?

a catchy headline for Pins First I want you to imagine a billboard or a performance poster you saw recently which grabbed your attention. How did it look? Which was the picture on it? How many colors were there? And what about the headline? Was it short and concise or long and extensive? Was it a question or as an invitation? Did it contain a word that you immediately noticed? Those are questions that are important when talking about catchy headlines and blog titles.

What catchy headline is?

After you’ve created a Pinterest account and when you come to a Pinterest smart feed, all you can see are Pins recommended for you based on your interest and previous searches. They all consist of different images, colors, fonts, and their style is different too. Depending on the creators’ taste, some of them are focused on bright colors while others have a focus on text and headlines which make visitors want to open the post.

The catchy headline is like the invitation for readers to click on a Pin and come to your blog post so you want it to be

  • interesting
  • well-composed
  • a question-formed if possible.

How to create a catchy headline and blog title?

Headlines need to have their story which will introduce you to the theme of a blog post. Because of that, you need to decide which form you will use to describe the best theme you are writing about.

Think about yourself when you make research and go through a Pinterest smart feed. What kind of headline would work best for you? Here I will give you a list of proposed forms and advice you can use to create your next headline or a blog title.


In your headlines and blog titles, you should insert numbers. It gives you the opportunity to present your blog post through interesting facts or actions that everybody would like to read more about. Most people would like to find out what is behind that kind of a headline. Even more, because that number contains answers or directions to questions that they want to solve.

Here are examples of titles you can use to interest others for your content:

  • 5 easy ways to do______
  • 3 tips on how to make _____
  • 10 free resources to _____
  • 4 free courses for  ____
  • 2 ways how to save money when you ____
  • 9 huge mistakes most _____ do
  • 5 simple things to do before ____
  • 6 tips to double ______
  • 10 golden rules of ____
  • 1 simple task to increase ___
  • 20 easiest methods to____


Those are lead magnets of a headline that most people would like to open. They want to know what is behind the post that talks about the easiest way to do something, or the way to double your traffic, or even the mistakes they are making and how to fix them.

If we go back to our examples, you will see they consist of sticky words that invite people to click on it and read the content behind the headline.

  • 5 easy ways to do______
  • 3 tips on how to make _____
  • 10 free resources to _____
  • 4 free courses for  ____
  • 2 ways how to save money when you ____
  • 9 huge mistakes most _____ do
  • 5 simple things to do before ____
  • 6 tips to double ______
  • 10 golden rules of ____
  • 1 simple task to increase ___
  • 20 easiest methods to____


When you have the ability to shape your headline as a question, you should do it. It is more interesting when you read a question and realize that it is the same issue you want to solve. That way you will want to click it and read more about that certain topic.

Would you rather like to open the post with the headline like this one: “10 things to do when you feel exhausted.”, or this one: ” What should you do to feel satisfied? Find out by reading these 10 tips.”.

It’s a words game. You can form a question which contains a positive word that will attract people’s attention. I think that the word “satisfied” attracts more people than “exhausted”. And when it’s formed as a question, you would certainly want to read more about it.


Those are so popular titles because they are hiding a guideline on how to solve some problem. In that kind of article, you can expect to find out about the steps you need to take to achieve a goal. That kind of post should contain a list of actions someone needs to do to complete the task he could not solve.


Although everybody likes to read guides and texts with directions that will help them to solve their problem or to achieve their goal, many of us love to read about other people’s experience.

That way you can

  • find out more about tips and tricks other’s used to gain their goals,
  • see what’s other people’s strategy
  • find out how they solved a particular problem.

If you think it is boring to read about someone else’s experience, try to read someone’s income report for example. You could find great tips there what he’s done to achieve that kind of success. Or maybe you will find out what you shouldn’t do because that person tried it and it failed.

Free resources to create a catchy headline


It’s a great title generator where you just need to insert a subject and it will suggest you a headline. Here you need to be careful and watch out that the proposed headline makes sense.  🙂

Portent's title generator

Portent's title generator result


This is a simple tool to generate titles. Insert a keyword in a search box and you will get relevant results as shown below.

SEOPressor title generator

SEOPressor title generator results


The last one that you should try is Tweakyourbiz title generator. It is simple to use and it gives you the most detailed results. When you enter your keyword and hit submit, you get the list of titles that are sorted by the form of content. So here you get titles sorted as: a list, how to, best, questions,…

Tweakyourbiz title generator

Tweakyourbiz title generator results

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you found out some interesting and fun ways of generating headlines and blog titles.

Try one title generator for creating a catchy headline and blog title from the list above and share your experience whether you like it or not.

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