How to create a Pinterest business account?

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Create a Pinterest business account First I would like to ask you a question. Do you already use Pinterest? Or you want to, but you would like to know how to create a Pinterest business account successfully?

When someone hears “Pinterest”, what is the first association? It is something like this: searching for recipes and home decor. And this is true, partially.

But if you are looking for advice on education or health, you can find so many articles related to those themes too.

A short review – how Pinterest works?

 On Pinterest, you can find information about recipes as well as educational content, motivational things, how to do something, information about health, exercise instructions…  Content is so wide that you will certainly find something you are interested in. Find out more about Pinterest here.

 If you don’t believe me, when you create a Pinterest account, please insert in a Pinterest search box something you want to know more about. What will happen?  …I believe you’ll find something interesting in the first 5 listed pins. Am I right?

 When you click on a pin that you think is interesting, you will be transferred to a website where you can find out more about the topic you are searching for.

That shows you that Pinterest works the same way as Google, but it’s more visual, so the conclusion is that:

Pinterest is a search engine.

Why Pinterest?

What would you say if I tell you that 250m people use Pinterest? They search for new information, products, health advice, business tips, ideas, decors,… every day.

That means you can advertise your blog and your content in front of so many people interested in your niche and themes you are writing about.

Some of them have a particular problem, maybe they want to start a business or try some recipe, and if you have the solution or you were also there struggling with the same thing and finally get the answer, it’s great to share it with others.

People on Pinterest get the ideas, plan their purchases, search for seasonal content, search for tips and advice, so it would be great to share your inspiration and knowledge with others.

Pinterest account

There are two ways you can create a Pinterest account.

It can be a personal account. There you can create boards, pin content, follow other Pinners and that is enough if you don’t want to use it in a professional way.

But if you:                           

  • have a website,
  • create a content,
  • want to have access to analytics,
  • want to achieve some of your business goals,

you need to create a Pinterest business account.

The main difference and the advantage of it is that with a Pinterest business account you will have access to analytics which is very important for analyzing your content, followers, traffic and much more.

The good thing is that business account (as well as a personal) is free.

If you already own a personal account, you can always transfer it to a business one. You don’t have to discard your followers and the people you follow, which is a good thing to know.

How to set up your Pinterest business account?

Step 1. First go here and click on “Join as a business” button.

Create a Pinterest account

Step 2. Inser your email and password and click on “Create account” button.

Step 3. Insert required information according to the next 7 steps.

Set up your language and country.

How to Create a Pinterest business account - step 3_1

Insert your business name and pick your business type.

How to Create a Pinterest business account - step 3_2

If you have a website, you can insert your URL in this step, or you can click “Later” and claim your website after you set up your Pinterest account.

How to Create a Pinterest business account - step 3_3

You have the ability to connect your other social media accounts to a Pinterest profile (now, but you can do it later too)

How to Create a Pinterest business account - step 3_4

This step is about ads on Pinterest. If you are sure to run adds, you can click “Yes”. In another way, if you don’t know yet, but there is a possibility for that in the future, I recommend to click the third option.

How to Create a Pinterest business account - step 3_5

Now you are about to choose topics that are related to your niche. Depending on a topic you choose and your interests, Pinterest will add Pinns to your home feed.

How to Create a Pinterest business account - step 3_7

Next you will see quick instructions about creating a Pin.

How to Create a Pinterest business account - step 3_8

Step 4. Be sure to confirm your email so you can reach your home feed and start using your Pinterest profile!

How to Create a Pinterest business account - step 4

There you have it. You created your Pinterest business account and now you can start exploring.

Create Pinterest business account

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  1. Myrna Belonio

    Informative guidelines

  2. Myrna Belonio

    Very informative ,thank you so much .

  3. Angel

    Can one earn online through having a Pinterest business account?


    1. BmSocial

      There are ways you can make money on Pinterest. Some of them are: affiliate marketing, selling your products, offering services.

  4. Arquesenciel Crafts

    Want a Business Account but am unable to proceed on first screen

    1. BmSocial

      You need to log out of your existing Pinterest account in order to create a new one. Otherwise, you automatically connect to your existing Pinterest account. I hope this helped!

  5. Newton

    I really enjoyed reading this post, do you have like a pinterest growth course i can purchase?

    1. BmSocial

      Thank you. I’m glad the post was helpful. No, I don’t have a course on Pinterest growth, but you can explore various courses on Pinterest using the Pinterest search box.

  6. Guidance Sage

    Thank you. This pin was very helpful

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