How to do keyword research and use keywords?

How to do keyword research? Every now and then I run into an article about how important it is to find and use the correct keyword everywhere. And I literally mean everywhere – within your Pinterest account, your blog post, your images. And the list goes on. 🙂

It was a very nice situation when some kids wanted to find a song on Youtube. They used voice search and started to sing a melody. It was so funny and cute to see that kind of a search. 🙂 And you can guess if they found what they were looking for. Of course, they didn’t.

 But it’s a great example to
learn from. 🙂

If you want to find information online, you need to use correct words within your search to get a result that you are looking for. Those are called the keywords.

The keyword can be one word
or it can consist of two or more words. Such a keyword is called a long tail keyword.

Where to find a keyword?

There are many places where you can find keywords and it can be a free
or a paid solution.

At the beginning of blogging, I recommend you to use the free one so you don’t have any extra costs.

Pinterest search box

1. First you can search for the keywords in the Pinterest search box.

How? Insert a word in a Pinterest search box as shown below. For example, travel. There will be automatically listed suggested keywords related to the word “travel”.

Pinterest search box - keyword

If you press enter, below the search box will be placed suggestions related to the requested word.

Pinterest search box1

Choose one of the suggested results and your keyword will become more detailed.

Pinterest search box - long tail keyword

Your long tail keyword can contain 3,4,5 words. It isn’t limited. The
more specific it is, the better it ranks in search.

Google search box

2. Our next search location is a Google search box.

I believe every one of us uses Google without thinking about how it can be a useful tool to find keywords.

If you insert our word “travel” in a Google search box, you will see recommended long tail keywords that people are searching for. Choose the one or you can even use more of them if you like and insert them into a post.

Google search box

Free keyword tool

3. There is a tool which you can use to find the best keywords for your post. You can install it by clicking here (not an affiliate). This keyword Chrome extension is a great and simple SEO keyword research tool. After you install it, you have to click on the icon on your toolbar and turn it on. In a Google search box insert a keyword and take a look at the results.

Keywords everywhere - long tail keyword

Things you want to focus on are monthly search volume and competition. These are information that this extension gives you, so based on the given data you can choose which keyword you will use.

Keyword search volume means how many times the word is searched per month. You want this number to be high because that way it means people are searching for that particular word and it would be a good thing to create a post related to it.

You want the competition data to be as low as it can. The reason for that is if you don’t have many competitors, it is easier to rank high in searches.

When you use the Google search box and mentioned keyword Chrome extension, more information about your search will be displayed on the right side of the window. These are: Related keywords and People also search for. So use it too to find your long tail keywords.

It is very important to use keywords correctly, so pay attention which
one do you use.

Where to insert the keywords

First, when creating your Pinterest account, you should consider using keywords in every field that would help you rank higher on searches.


  • Display name – after your name or a business name, insert a keyword related to your niche.
  • Username – you can replace this existing URL of your Pinterest account by a keyword that is specific to your niche or your interests. ( KEYWORD/)
  • Your bio – here you can write a short paragraph about yourself using 2-3 keywords (according to the recommended length of the text which is 160 characters). TIP: find 2-3 long tail keywords, write them down and write a few sentences using them.


  • Name of a board – use long tail keywords to name your boards. That way it will be easier for others to find your boards and the content you are creating and pinning to your boards.
  • Description – I recommend typing the keywords in the description of the board and compiling them in a sentence. 


Keywords should be inserted in the following parts of a Pin:

  • Images – Google doesn’t recognize images by its visual design, but by their title, so pay attention to adding keywords to the image name and alt text.
  • Pin description – it is shown below the Pin image and represents what is Pin about. Create a Pin description using long tail keywords.


When writing a blog post, consider using keywords in the following

  • A post title
  • Headings
  • The first paragraph
  • Meta description
  • URL of a blog post
  • Images used in a post (title and alt text).

As a conclusion, concerning using keywords, I recommend following steps listed below:

1. search for the best keyword

2. insert them in every field of your Pinterest account that will help you rank higher on searches

3. use them within your blog post as recommended above

4. use them when creating Pins according to the instructions above.

Do you have your favorite keyword research tool? How do you use it? Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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