How to insert a Pin it or save button to your blog images?

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Pin it button over images Were you in a position when you’ve been reading a blog post, you liked it, maybe you’ve found some great tips and information in it and when you wanted to click on a Pin it button on an image within the blog post to save it, you couldn’t do it?

That is a situation when you either try to save that post by Pin it button on your toolbar or simply close the website and do not come back (I hope the second situation isn’t happening in your case 🙁 )

The easiest solution that you can give to your readers to save your posts is installing a Pinterest Pin it button on your blog images. That way saving your posts becomes a fun thing because they can save every image from your website using this little button. And the most important thing is that you can install it in 2 minutes.

If you want to know how to install that magic Pin it button to your blog images, keep reading because I will describe you the easiest method you can finish in a moment.

Why Pin it button over your images?

  • It is the fastest way for someone to save your post while reading it.
  • You don’t have to navigate to your Pinterest account at the moment you want to save the Pin.
  • It is a quick method for saving Pin directly to your Pinterest board.
  • People can save any image from your blog post they like.
  • It makes Pinning easier.

How to add a Pinterest button over your images?

Follow this simple and quick method to insert a Pinterest Pin it button on your images. And what is most important, you don’t have to do any code editing.  🙂

Step 1. Go to the Plugins on your WordPress Dashboard. Click on Add new.

WP Dashboard plugins

Step 2. In the search box insert Pin it button on image hover (you can copy this and paste it).

search box plugins

 Step 3. Find plugin Pinterest Pin it button on image hover and post and click on Install Now and Activate.

Pin it button on image hover

Step 4. To finish the process, go to the settings of this plugin and check options.

Choose where you want your Pin it button to be shown. Regarding the button size, if you choose “small”, it will show only the Pinterest sign P. If you choose “large”, the button will have the Pinterest sign P and the word Save next to it.

Step 5. Click on the blue Settings button to save the changes.

Pin it button settings

 And that’s it. You are done with installing a Pin it button over your images.

Was it easy?

 How does a Pin it button look on my images?

When you hover over the image within your blog post, you will see the button with the Pinterest sign and Save option next to it. (I chose the large button size.) It is placed on the top of every image so your readers will be able to save any image within your post they like or they want to save. Bellow is an example of the image from one of my blog posts – one of the images that show you how does it look.

Pin it button example


If you like this post or you find it useful, save it or Pin it for later.

And if you want to install a Pin it button on Google Chrome toolbar, just click here for instructions.

 Pin it button on your blog images
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