How to set up a Pinterest business account correctly?

set up ypur Pinterest profile After you’ve learned things about Pinterest, what can it be used for and how does it work and after creating your Pinterest account, it’s time to set up your Pinterest business account properly.

It is very important to enter every information that will
help you rank high in searches. That way others will find your profile more
easily so you will get an opportunity to gain new followers, to increase your
monthly views and to lead those people to your website (which is one of your
main goals).

When you are creating a new account (whether it is on a social media platform, signing up on some business platform,…) I think that most people just insert their name and email address and start using it immediately without thinking about setting their profile up.

Sometimes it really isn’t necessary to insert information other than your user name and password, but when we are talking about Pinterest (which is a visual search engine) and setting up your Pinterest business account, it is significant that you insert data which will help you (and your profile) to be “at the right place at the right time” which means that people will find your profile easier  in a search process.

That way they can find your boards and pins easier and read
your content as well as content from other people that you pinned to your

Setting up a Pinterest business account

Let’s get started to set up your Pinterest business account.

First, you go to the top right corner and click on the three dots and in the drop-down menu choose “Settings”.

Edit Pinterest profile

You will see the menu on the left side of the window, so click on “Edit profile”.

Edit Pinterest profile


The first thing is the profile image. Here you can upload a picture of yourself or your logo. The image size should be 180 x 180 px so it would fit well in the foreseen place. Keep in mind that the shape of the profile image is round so your focus (you or your logo) should be in the middle of a photo/image.

You should use your brand colors as a background or within your logo so when people will see the profile image they would immediately know it’s yours. To create a beautiful logo use your imagination and Canva. It is a great tool for creating your logo where you can choose from so many different fonts, colors, shapes, images that will help you to make your brand recognizable. And it is free. 🙂


This is the name that will be shown at the top of your
profile. It will be the first thing (with your profile image) that will be seen
when someone would make a search for people in a Pinterest search box.

Another place where your display name will appear  is at the bottom of your pins.

What your display name should contain?

The first part of the name should be your name or a business name (related to your URL). It is important to be consistent on every social platform so people will recognize you and your brand.

After the chosen name, you should insert keywords related to your niche. The best way to separate them is by clicking AltGr + w  so your complete display name looks more professional.

By this chosen name you will compete with others in your
niche. When you type in a search box a keyword or a business name and choose
“people” as shown below, you want your profile shows up at the top of
results. Because of that, you have to use high ranking words within your name.

For example, if you insert “blogging” in a search box and choose “people” from the drop-down menu, first will be shown profiles with the most followers among the other accounts.

Display name should contain max. 65 characters.


This is your Pinterest account’s URL. It is already assigned
to your profile, but you can change it because it will also help you rank high within
the searches.

Here you should insert your business name or a keyword
depending on your niche, but be concise and precise. It is the best to insert the
main keyword of your niche here.

Your username can be up to 30 characters, without spaces or


In this box, you should insert your bio. Here you can insert max. 160 characters, so write who you are, who do you help and insert call-to-action which means you should invite people to visit your site, or join your free course, or download your freebie.

Be short but precise.

5. Before you click on a “Done” button you can
insert your location at the intended place.

After you’ve finished editing your profile click on the “Account settings” at the top left menu. This will be short and will take you less than a minute to fill it up.

Pinterest account settings

Here your email address (1.) will be already inserted by default.

If you want to change your password (2.) you can do it by clicking on a button and entering the new one.

Choose the country and language.

For the contact name (3.) insert your name or your business name.

Choose the gender.

And the last thing (4.) is to choose the business type from the drop-down menu.

Now when you’ve done with setting up your Pinterest business account, it’s time to verify a website on Pinterest.

Set up your Pinterest account

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