How to succeed as a work-at-home mom?

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How to succeed as a work at home mom?

Do you wonder how to succeed as a work-at-home-mom?

Are you a work-at-home mom struggling with your time?

Do you work from your kitchen, living room and constantly try to be everything to everyone?

As a work-at-home mom, you need to have the ability to coordinate your family and work.

It is easier to write that than to do.

It is natural that you want to be there for your kids all the time, but there are times when you need your 5 minutes a day to work. When you achieve at least one of your goals, you will be satisfied and you will automatically be a better mom.

There are times when you will be working late at night, when you will have to meet a deadline when an unexpected situation will occur. But those days are in the minority.

You have to concentrate on the days when you will be most productive and when you will have time for your kids, your work and other things that make you happy.

So if you ask yourself how to achieve all the things you have set for yourself in one day, read on.

Here you will find the answer on how to manage your time and organize your space for the best productivity, how to succeed as a work-at-home mom.

I want your time and space to become a productive time and an organized space.

successful work at home mom


Let’s start with time. How to be more successful and get things done. And to feel satisfied.

These are questions that most of us do not know how to answer. Especially when you want to do a lot of things in one day. Or if you don’t schedule your tasks. Or if you jump from one task to another.

So to get on the right track, you first need to see what your daily activities are. Which things do you prioritize (or not) and why? Can you get more out of your days?

1. Track your time

Analyze your day. How do you use your time? What do you do in the morning, what in the afternoon, and what in the evening? Take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing down all the activities of the day and their duration. Do this for a week and so you will have a form by which you can further improve your time.

When you see your activities written on paper, you will be more aware of where your time goes. You may want to finish your work involving online research, but somehow you end up scrolling through social networks. In this case, it is immediately clear which activity is important to your business and which is distracting.

So try tracking your activities to see how you spend your days.

2. Define your value-added tasks

Now go through the list of activities you have followed and written down and see what you spent your time on. You can mark the activities you’ve spent working in one color, activities with your family in another color, and all other activities using a different color.

Monitor activities that interfere with your work and extend its duration. By that, I mean those actions that distract you without you even knowing it.

3. Eliminate the activities that waste your time

We talked about the activities that you want to complete in a day and which are important, but there are also activities that distract you. It is important to know what they are so that you become aware of them.

That way you can eliminate those activities and focus on important ones.

4. Set your priorities as a work-at-home mom

Now is the time to start planning your time. First, make a list of all the goals you want to achieve and all the activities to reach those goals. Read more about task prioritization here.

Prioritizing your activities will help you determine your goals and how to achieve them.

This way, you will focus on value-added tasks and be able to accomplish more.

5. Schedule your tasks

Use a planner to schedule all of the tasks you specified in the previous section.

Here you can find out more and download a FREE planner.

When you know the time or even the part of the day that you set for completing the tasks, you will be more focused on them.

Try using a planner for at least one month and you will see an improvement in the use of your time.

successful work at home mom


When you learn how to use your time effectively, the next step is to find a place to work. In the house, you will need to find a place for you and your business. Your quiet corner where you will feel inspired and motivated.

6. Find the place in the house for work

Determine which place in the house will be good for your business. If it is not a separate room, it can also be a corner where you will spend time working. The problem for motivation is that when you work one day from the kitchen, the other day from the bedroom, and the next day from your living room. So you can’t concentrate on the important things.

7. Make your work from home office

 Your office should have a desk and basic tools to work with. Think about what you need and design your dream office. Look for inspiration on Pinterest. 🙂

There are many ideas and designs that you can use or improvise to make your workspace look like the way you want it.

8. Organize your workspace

Don’t use your desk as a place to put things away. So your productivity won’t grow. Organize your workplace so that it is comfortable and motivating. Use organizers to know where your documents and papers are at every moment.


If you’re still wondering how to succeed as a stay-at-home mom, try the tips above.

Try to keep track of how you spend your time now, use your task planner, and see if your work habits will improve.
Find a quiet place in the house where you can work, organize it according to your needs and get going.

Simple tips to succeed as a work-at-home mom

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