How to upload a pin to Pinterest?

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Uploading a pin to Pinterest

When you want to upload a pin to Pinterest, do you always do it manually?

Have you ever thought about how many ways are there to upload a pin to Pinterest?

And another question – Do you know that you can save time uploading pins?

One important step when using Pinterest for business is to create and upload a pin so that you can promote your content, blog post, product or service.

Here are several ways to upload your pin to Pinterest.

There are 6 ways you can upload a pin. #5 and #6 are time-saving, so read on to find out which ones are best for you.

Let’s start.

How to upload a pin to Pinterest  

1. From your website/blog

To upload a pin this way, you will first need to have a pin-it button over your images installed in WordPress. Another tool is the Chrome extension pin-it button

It is a very useful tool that will make it easy for you to add pins from your blog to Pinterest. In just a few clicks you will be able to save the pin to your Pinterest board.

When you create a pin and add it to your blog post (whether visible or hidden), all you have to do is click the pin-it button on your blog image and save it to one of your Pinterest boards. 

And when you click the Chrome extension, there will be all your pinnable blog images (visible and hidden images) that you can save to your board. Choose the one you want and select the board you want to save it on.

It is that simple. 

TIP: Be sure to add a data-pin-description and alt text to each pinnable image in WordPress. 

2. On Pinterest – upload a pin directly to Pinterest. 

Just click on a plus signCreate Pin

upload a pin on Pinterest

Then the window shown below will be displayed. There you have to write a pin title, description, URL of a blog post, and upload an image you previously created in Canva and saved to your computer. 

upload a pin on Pinterest 2

TIP: Save this pin on the most relevant board first so Pinterest can identify what it is about.

TIP2: Remember to check that your board has a keyword-rich description and a category selected.

3. On Pinterest – upload a pin on Pinterest from your blog

This is a new feature on Pinterest and it’s so easy to use. 

Click on the pencil sign and Create Pin. Then click Save from site option, right below the window where you usually upload an image (see the image above).

upload a pin

You will have to insert the blog post URL (the image above) and then all pinnable images in your post will be displayed. (like shown in the image below)

add pins to Pinterest

Select the one image from your blog post and click on Add to pin.

adding pin to Pinterest

All you need to do next is add a pin title, a description, and select the board where you want to save that pin.

4. On Tailwind

In Tailwind above your schedule, you will see Create new pin button. 

upload a pin from Tailwind

It is so easy to upload a new pin via Tailwind. When you click that button, you will have to upload the image you have saved to your computer. This image will appear in the drafts, so you will have to insert a pin description, blog URL and a new feature in Tailwind, pin title. Be sure to use keywords when adding a new pin. 

And now it’s time to add that pin to your schedule.

How to upload more than 1 pin at a time?

If you want to be faster, you can upload more than 1 pin at a time on Pinterest or Tailwind. This is the time-saver, and is great to use when you’ve created several new pins and want to upload them all at once.

5. On Tailwind

 Save all the images you created on Canva in one folder, so when you upload them to Tailwind, it will be done in one click. 

Click on Create new pin on Tailwind – Upload images. Now just select all the images you want and you are done. After all the images have been uploaded, they will be displayed in your drafts. 

Add all the information needed (title, description, blog post URL) and now you can schedule them easily. 

6. On Pinterest

This is a new feature on Pinterest that helps you upload your pins faster. 

When creating a pin on Pinterest, you will see a plus sign on the left-hand side.

add several pins at a time

Click on it and you will see a new section to create another pin. 

Repeat the step 2 or 3 of the list above, and save your pins to the most relevant boards.


There are several ways to upload a pin to Pinterest. You can try them all out and see which one is best for you and your pinning strategy.

Even if you don’t have time to upload one pin at a time, try uploading several pins at a time.

Did you know about these different ways to upload a pin to Pinterest?

What’s your favorite way to add a pin to Pinterest?

I hope this post has helped you! Let me know what you think about it- leave a comment below! 🙂 

uploading a pin on Pinterest

how to upload a pin on Pinterest

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