How to use and organize your Pinterest boards?

organize Pinterest boards Do you wanna know what to do after you set up your Pinterest account? The first thing to do is creating Pinterest boards.

You can imagine those as folders on your desktop where you save things you want to keep, read later, share with others, that are interesting to you, that have data and information important to you.

How to create Pinterest boards

You can create them in two ways.

  1. When you are in your home feed, you can point your cursor to the Pin you want to save and click on a little arrow.

There will be shown drop down menu with your listed boards and at the end of that list will be an option “Create board”.

You should insert a name and click on “Create”.

Now you’ve created a board and automatically saved that Pin from your home feed.

2. Another way to create a board is to go to a menu and click on “Boards”. There you will see an icon “Create board”.

Click on it and you will fill in the board name and click “Create”.

That board is empty, so you will have to start saving Pins to it.

How to name Pinterest boards

When you assign a name to your Pinterest boards, you need to consider using appropriate keywords. Regarding keywords, you can find out more about how to use them here.

Name of Pinterest boards should be exactly as phrases other people are searching for. That way you are increasing a chance for your boards to be found on searches.

I recommend using the Pinterest search box to find long tail keywords. That way you are using the terms that Pinterest is suggesting to you.

In a Pinterest search box insert your keyword, for example, “Make money”. Pinterest will suggest you long tail keywords, so you just need to use the one that is proper for your board.

Another way to find the best board name is to search on Pinterest categories and topics.  

Among the categories, you click on a topic related to your board or niche, for example, “Food and drink”. There you will see the section “Topics related to Food and drink” where you can choose your board name.

I will choose “Healthy recipes” and in this section “Clean eating diet”. That will be the name of a board that is related to healthy diet recipes and tips.

That way you can choose names for your Pinterest boards.

TIP: You shouldn’t use fancy words to name your boards. Would you ever search for chocolate cookie recipes and ideas as a “Yummy little choco bites”? 🙂 I bet you wouldn’t. So please, name your Pinterest boards exactly as you would do your search. So for this chocolate example above you will write “Chocolate recipes” or “Chocolate chip cookie recipes”.

mmm…are you hungry now as I am? 🙂

How to set up Pinterest boards

When creating Pinterest boards, you need to pay attention to the things that will help your profile to rank high on searches.

When you create a board, it is essential to insert:

  • a board name using keywords (as described above)
  • a description using keywords. Write what is board about and what people can find there.
  • a category – choose the one from the drop-down menu. If you can not assign which one is it, you can always choose “Other”.

Click on the “Save” button.

How to organize your boards

At the beginning of your board’s list, you should place your own board dedicated to your blog and your content. That way you are promoting your posts and it will be easier for others to find your posts and Pins.

After that, place other boards dedicated to your niche.

If you collaborate in group boards, place them together so it will be more manageable to find and see them.

If you have boards that aren’t related to your niche, and you don’t want to delete them, or opening another personal account is not an option, you should place them at the end of a list.

TIP: If your niche is cooking and you have boards that are concerning gardening, for example, you don’t have to delete them. In that case, an excellent way to keep your board list in order is to create a secret board. Hover the cursor over the bottom right corner of your board and click on a pencil sign.

a secret board

You should put a checkmark to a visibility section and your board will become secret.

Secret boards will be separated from the other boards and only you could see them.

When to create a secret board

It is a great option to have a secret board within the Pinterest account. Sometimes you would like to save a Pin that is out of your niche, or you would like to save a Pin and publish it later.

Whatever the reason is, secret boards are the perfect solution.

You can use them:

  • if you want to save ideas about things that are not related to your niche and don’t want it to be seen by others
  • to save pins you want to schedule for later – If you are using a scheduler, and don’t have time to schedule at the moment, you can save those Pins to a secret board for later actions.
  • to save ideas for your brand – that means you can have one secret board dedicated to your branding. Save the Pins concerning fonts, color palette, logo, you will use within your website so you will have everything at one place.
  • a board with a few Pins in it- when you create a new Pinterest board and it contains only a few Pins, you should keep that board secret. After you fill it with at least 20 Pins, you can change the visibility option and it will become public.

How to rearrange Pins between boards

There is a situation when you want to move a Pin from one board to another. Maybe you’ve created a new board and that particular Pin will fit better in a new board. Or you want to copy it to another board. All that you can do easily. Just follow the steps below.

Inside the board, you will see this menu shown in the picture. Just click on “Organize”, select Pins and choose “Move” or “Copy”.  Now you need to choose a board destination and you are done.

Organize pins

Another great tip concerning Pinterest boards

When you want to save pictures of you and your family and friends, you will create a folder and name it “Pictures”. Inside of it, you will create another folder sorted by the date, for example:

  • Date_A birthday party
  • Date_New Year’s eve
  • Date_Our vacation
  • Date_Christmas holidays

…and so on.

In Pinterest language, these are called sections. Inside of the Pinterest boards, you can create sections as well as inside of your folders on your computer. That way you organize your Pins. For example, you can create a board “How to make money ”  which has sections “Make money online” and ” Work from home”. That way those two sections will be separated.

And now you are wondering how to create a section. 🙂

Go to your existing board and click on a plus sign at the top left corner. Choose “Add section”. It’s that easy.

To recap the important things about Pinterest boards…

You should:

  • research for appropriate keywords
  • insert keywords to a Pinterest board name, description
  • choose a category
  • put the board concerning your blog in the first place
  • create secret boards if necessary
  • create sections

You shouldn’t:

  • use fancy words for Pinterest board names
  • leave a description box empty
  • leave the category of a board empty.

I hope you found this post helpful. 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other tips or suggestions concerning Pinterest boards.

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