How to merge boards on Pinterest?

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how to merge Pinterest boards

If you’ve been wondering if you can merge boards on Pinterest, then this post is for you.

Here you will learn the basic steps you need to complete to merge two Pinterest boards, as well as the reasons why you would do so. It’s a simple process and you can finish it in minutes.

There are many reasons why you would consider merging the boards. When it comes to optimizing your Pinterest profile, you should create boards on your Pinterest account that relate to your niche and that your audience is interested in.

Why consider merging boards?

Sometimes you create a board that you find interesting and after a while, you realize that it’s not really suitable for your niche, but the pins could stand inside some existing board.

 Another example of a Pinterest board that you would like to remove from your Pinterest business profile is that you create a board whose theme is too narrow and you realize that there really isn’t a lot of content you can save in it. For example, you have a cooking blog and boards like “Breakfast Inspiration”, “Chicken Recipes”, “Desserts” and you create a specific board “Broccoli chicken casserole recipes”. You save some pins in it and realize that you haven’t saved a new idea to the board in a long time because it covers a narrow topic. The solution is to combine this board with “Chicken Recipes” because it is compatible with it.

The third example is a board that stays on your profile for a very long time but doesn’t get engaged. Instead of deleting the board and all the pins in it, a better solution is to connect it to the other related board.

Important facts to consider before merging the boards!

Check the activity of the board.

In the Tailwind analytics (if you use a scheduler) you can see if you have saved the pins on the board in the last 7, 14, 30 days. If not, it means you are not using the board as you should.

Check the engagement on the board. Do people save or click on the pins from the board?

Pay attention to your followers. Compare the total number of followers of your Pinterest profile and the followers on that particular board. These numbers are most likely different, so decide if you need to merge that board with another because you will lose followers who only follow that board. If there isn’t a lot of them and if you’re going to improve the engagement of your profile by merging the two boards, then that’s a logical step to take.

How to merge two Pinterest boards?

And now comes the important part where you will learn how to merge boards on Pinterest in an easy way.

1. First, you will decide on the boards to merge.

I created a board called “Pinterest group boards” and saved some pins there. I haven’t saved new pins for a long time there, the engagement on the pins and the board is not significant at all, so I decided to merge that board with the one that has better stats- “Pinterest strategies tips”.

how to merge boards - low engagement board

2. Edit board

Click on the pencil sign on the right lower side of the board you want to move to get to the Edit options.

When you get there, you will click Merge at the bottom.

merge option

3. Merge boards

The following window will appear.

move pins from board

Now you need to select the board to which all the pins will be moved. In my example, it is the “Pinterest strategies tips” board. Click on the “Move pins and delete board” option and that’s it. You’ve merged two Pinterest boards!

merged boards on Pinterest

NOTE: This merged board will appear on the other board as a section as shown below. You can always save new pins to that particular section if you want, but it will be considered as a part of the main board.

Another thing you can do is to move the pins from the section to the main board. In that case, you will have all the pins in one place.

Merged Pinterest board

How to unmerge Pinterest boards?  

Sometimes there is a situation when you’ve created a board on your Pinterest business profile, saved the pins of different topics, and realized that you should rearrange the board.

You may have created a secret board and would like to publish it after a while, but some pins don’t match the theme of the board or may fit better on another board.

Here we will discuss the opposite process from the one described above, or how to unmerge the boards.

For example, you’ve created a “Work from home” board and saved pins related to the topic (how to find a work from home job, how to find clients, how to get started working from home), and among all those pins related to the topic, you’ve saved a bunch of quotes that are associated with work motivation. After a while, you realize you want to move those quotes into a new “Motivational quotes” board.

1. It is a good idea to move those quote pins away from the business advice pins, because the board will be clearer and on the topic, so it should be separated. And after all, people like to save quotes to their Pinterest boards (inspirational, motivational,…) so it is a good idea to have such a board.

2. When you divide a board into 2 separate boards, you should never delete the pins or board and create 2 new boards for those pins. That way you would lose all the followers of that board. The right way to do this is to create 1 new board and just move the pins that no longer belong to the main board. Leave the rest of the pins and board as is. So the number of followers will remain the same.

Final words on how to merge boards on Pinterest

From time to time, it’s important to take a look at your Pinterest business profile and change some things that can help you rank better on searches. So consider checking your boards, decide if they are all relevant to your niche and your business.

You might turn some of them into a secret board, archive some, or merge it with another board that has better performance.

That’s why these 3 simple steps are there to help you merge the boards as easily and quickly as possible.

Whatever you decide to do with your Pinterest boards, I advise you to read how you can do an audit of your Pinterest business profile in an easy way.

If you have any questions or comments, write them down in the comments section.

Save this post for later on one of your Pinterest boards.

merge 2 Pinterest boards
how to merge 2 boards on Pinterest

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