How to find and join Pinterest group boards?

Pinterest group boards
The Complete Guide to Pinterest Group Boards 

                If you ever wanted to expand your reach and to show your content to people who aren’t your followers (yet 🙂 ), Pinterest group boards are the place where you can achieve that.

                There are many advantages to participating in group boards. The benefits are:

  • more people can see your content
  • you can improve your reach
  • you can find a new audience
  • you can test the pins you created for a post (which one of the pins is doing better).

What is a group board?

                We can define a group board as a place where people share their blog posts and content from their website. It’s like a board you’ve created for your profile, but the main difference is it has collaborators, other people that save pins inside of the group board.

For example, you have your Pinterest account, your personal boards, your followers. You publish the content from your website, and only your followers get the notification to see the pin you saved. But when we are talking about group boards, the thing is a little bit different. When you save a pin to a group board, you are reaching to a new audience. Your pin gets the chance to be seen by the followers of the group board you pinned to. It’s a way for you to improve your reach and to find new people, a new audience for your content. Isn’t that great? 🙂

How to get started with the group boards?

                If you think that Pinterest group boards would be a good thing for you and want to start participating, there are several ways you can find them.

First, you can try to search the Pingroupie. It’s a website where you can find group boards y the keyword or your niche. There you can get information on the category of a group board, followers, number of pins, collaborators, description of a group board, about the owner and how to join. But you need to check every group board first so your researching isn’t over when you come to this site.

The other way is to search for the experts in your niche. You can do it easily in a Pinterest search box and filter your search by “people”. Go to their profile and click on boards. There you will see all the group boards they are in or the ones they own. You can choose group boards you want to join.

And finally, you can search for group boards by typing your niche keyword in a Pinterest search box and filter it by “boards”. This method requires a little bit of a search because there are all personal and group boards listed together.

How to recognize Pinterest group boards?

                It is easy to see if the board is personal or a group board. Group boards have a circle in the left-hand bottom corner where are shown multiple people’s profile pictures. That is the sign that the board has collaborators. When you click on that circle, the first person on the list is the owner’s Pinterest profile.  You can click on it to see the whole profile of the owner.

What do you need to know about joining a group board?

                There are some rules and guidelines you need to follow when joining group boards. You need to stick to it all the time –  before you send a request and after you confirm your invitation.

How to decide if a group board is for you?

                You have to consider the group boards that are relevant to your niche, how many contributors are there, how many followers the board has. It will be better for you if the group board has more followers than you have on your profile, or if there are more followers than contributors within the group board. When you decide which group board you would like to join, think about the mentioned parameters.

What to do when you find a group board you want to join?

                The first thing you need to do before even sending a request is to follow the group board owner and the group board you would like to join. That way, if the owner will decide to add you to his group board, he/she can easily invite you to collaborate.

How to get in contact with the group board owner?

               First, you need to read instructions inside of the Pinterest group board that give you the right directions. There are 3 possible ways you can join the group board you find interesting for sharing your content.

1. If there is a “Request to join” button next to the list of collaborators, you can send a request just by clicking on that button.

Request to join button

2. In the board description, usually is written an email address of the owner, so you can send an email with your information. (More about request read in the next paragraph.) If there is no email address written, go to a website of the owner of a group board and find the contact email address.

3. If there is no button to join a group board or an email address written, you can always send a message to the group board owner within the Pinterest account. Just click on the 3 dots in a cloud and after that on a pencil. Insert a name and a text message with all important information for joining the group board.

TIP: There is a great way to automate your group board requests so you can send multiple requests with a few clicks.

how to send a message on Pinterest

What to write in your request email?

                It is important to send a message that is short, simple and that provides the information needed for owners to add you to a group board.

You can send a message like the one below ,

Hi /the owner name/,

I came across your Pinterest Group Board called “The name of a group board”  and would love to be a contributor.

I have followed you and your Group Board on Pinterest and would love to join yours “The name of a group board” Group Board.

My website is: ___________________                                                                                                                                                                      My Pinterest account is: __________________________                                                                                                                                    The email associated with my Pinterest account is: _______________________

Thank you so much for your consideration! 

Best regards, 

/Your name/


What to do after you are accepted to a group board?

                After you join the Pinterest group board that is relevant to your niche and after you become a member, you should start sharing your pins daily. If there is a rule to pin 1 time or 3 times per day, you should stick to it. Read the instructions carefully. And as a thank you for getting to the group, you can pin other people’s content from a group board to your personal relevant boards. If you share other people’s content, they will start sharing yours too. Group boards are a great way to find the content you can save or schedule for later.

TIP: Do not be spammy and save 20 pins per day to a group board. It isn’t fair to other contributors and you can easily be excluded from the group board.

A tip for joining group boards.

                If you ever bought any course or an ebook, read it and implement the strategies and look if there are mentioned group boards you can join to. These group boards will be most likely closed to others and opened for the people who bought that particular course/ebook. So I advise you to join and participate in that group boards.


                If you want to get other people’s attention and expand your reach, send the request to the owner of the group board that you think is interesting and join the other collaborators.

                If you think this post was informative, or you have your thoughts and strategies on group boards, feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂 

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