Where to search for fresh Pinterest pins?

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places to find Pinterest pins

Have you ever wondered where you can find the pins when you start pinning or scheduling pins for the week?

Maybe you are pinning other people’s content from one section on Pinterest every time and you are not thinking about places where you can search for the content. 

Usually, it is from your following feed or your home feed. These are the places where you know you will find something interesting.

But… there are more places or sections that you can explore for ideas.

Why should you pin from different places on Pinterest?

It is always a good idea to be active on Pinterest. That way you are exploring this search engine. And it is a good idea to get to know Pinterest and its possibilities. 

What’s your pinning method?

There are two ways that you can pin content to your boards.

If you are pinning manually, you need to search for the pins at least 3 times per day. 

If you are using a scheduler, you need to have a few places where you can look up for the fresh content. 

No matter what method you use, you need to search for new pins that you can add to your boards.

Here I bring you a list of ideas where you can look for the pins and the content that will interest you and your audience.

1. Your home feed

It is the most common place where you can find pins. There you can see the pins from all niches. Pinterest is showing you pins according to your followings, your interests, your chosen categories and topics, your previous searches. 

home feed - search box

THE METHOD: in the Pinterest search box insert a keyword and look for the pins in the results shown below.

You can save the pins that are relevant to your niche and your boards. You can check the number of repins of the pin before you schedule it to one of your boards. After you click on the pin this information will be shown at the bottom of the pin and its description. It is marked with a little pin as on the image below.

information about the number of repins

2. Your “Following” tab

A following tab is a place where you can see all the pins that are saved from the people you follow.

It is a great place where you can find quality content, but only if you follow people that you trust or the experts in your niche. It is great to check the links on the pin so when someone clicks on it, it will lead him to a website or a blog post related to the pin.

How can you reach the following tab?

You can go to a menu and click on it.

the following tab

Or insert the following URL:  https://www.pinterest.com/following

THE METHOD: check the people you are following. 

  • Are they experts in your niche?
  • Are they related to your niche? (If you are a food blogger, it will help you and your profile to follow bloggers that publish content about food, recipes or other themes related to cooking and not for example to skiing). Do you agree?
  • Are they pinning content that leads you to a website (without broken links)?

If everything is good, feel free to save those pins to your most relevant boards.

3. “More ideas” section

When you already have a board and the pins you’ve added to it, you will see the “More ideas” section inside the board. 

More ideas section on Pinterest boards

It is the place where you can find more pins for that particular board and it makes pinning so much easier.

THE METHOD: go to one of your boards where you want to add more content.

It can be your secret board that you want to fill up and make public through the time or the board that you’ve created and just want to save fresh ideas and pins to it. 

Click on the “More ideas” section within the board. 

You can check the pin- does it lead to a website’s URL, how many repins does it have.

If everything is OK, all you need to do is to click on the plus sign on the pin and it is automatically saved to your board.

TIP: Save pins that contain keywords in the description or title that apply to your board.

4. Your group boards

When you join a group board, there are some rules that you need to follow. In most cases, for your every content added to a group board, you should repin other people’s content (or you can replace the word content with the word pin:). 

So, to play fair, if you add a pin with the URL from your blog, you should repin at least one pin that belongs to another contributor in the group board. 

That way you respect the board owner, the contributors and finally yourself because others will do the same with your pins.

THE METHOD: for each of your pins added to the group board, repin at least one others pin. You can do it manually. If you are using a scheduler like Tailwind, just go to the group board, click on the Chrome extension and choose the pins you want to repin and to which board they will be saved.

5. Experts in your niche

When building a Pinterest presence, it is normal to look for experts in your niche. You can learn from them, view the content they post and save to their profile. They can be your inspiration.

THE METHOD: insert a keyword into the Pinterest search box and click “people”. The results will show you people who are established in the niche you are looking for, who have followers and who are getting traffic to their profiles. These people are the ones you want to learn from. So check out the first few results and look at their Pinterest boards. You can save content from their blog board.

6. Trending ideas

It is content that is trending on Pinterest at the time.

If you check out this section of Pinterest, you will see what is now the most popular content on Pinterest that people are searching for. 

THE METHOD: go to the Pinterest search box and just click on it. 

how to find trending ideas on Pinterest

There will be listed trending topics that you can search and see if there is anything related to your niche that you can repin and save to one of your boards.

7. “Activity” tab

Here you can find content that people save from your website. It can only be visible within the menu if you have claimed your website on Pinterest. 

The “Activity” tab can be public or hidden. If hidden, only you can access it and see your most popular content that people have saved from your website.

Activity tab

THE METHOD: check what people are saving the most from your website and repin that content to the group boards. That way
your pin will be seen by all the followers of the group board.

8. Notifications

It is an active part of Pinterest. This means that you will be notified whenever someone you follow saves a pin.

This is where you get information about the activity of the people you follow:

  • when someone saves your pin,
  • when someone starts following your profile or someone else’s profile,
  • when someone liked your pin,
  • if someone created a new board,
  • Pinterest suggestions (“We think you might like these Pins”).

Notification tab

It is very interactive and you can get so much information from this section.

THE METHOD: check for notifications and pins saved by others. If someone liked your pin or left a comment, repin it.

That’s it. Now you have a list of sections or places on Pinterest where you can look for the fresh content for your boards.

Go and explore Pinterest. 

Let me know if this helped you.

And if you have your own method of finding fresh pins, share it in the comments below.

And don’t forget to save this post for later.


Where to find fresh content on Pinterest?
where to look for fresh content on Pinterest?

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