How to use the time blocking method to be more productive

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In this post: What is the time blocking method and how to use it? How to plan your schedule with time blocking? Become super organized and increase your productivity with this simple method. + download a FREE printable time blocking schedule.

how to be more productive with time blocking

Do you find it difficult to organize your days effectively? Sometimes I have a feeling it would be great to have more hours in the day, just because I didn’t set a schedule.

Do you feel the same sometimes?

We have to admit that not all days are equally productive. After the weekend and free time, at the beginning of the week, we have more strength and will to do the tasks than it is at the end of the week.

With a loss of willpower, we may procrastinate with tasks, postponing some of them for the next few days.

Have you ever wondered how to work smarter rather than harder?

Wondering how you can have enough time for your assignments?

This is especially important when working from home, with the noise of children in the background and all the responsibilities you have during the day.

Good organization is important.

There are many ways you can organize your time and do your daily chores.

You just have to explore which one suits you best, your pace and your lifestyle.

There is no one way that is universal because we are all unique and everyone needs to find their own way to achieve as much as possible in a day.


How do you manage and organize your time?

If you are the morning type of person and love silence and peace while doing a task, then you will be most productive in the morning. In that case, the evening routine is important, to get a good night’s sleep and to wake up before your family members. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on the most important tasks early in the morning. And during the day, when you catch time for work, do less demanding tasks that don’t require much time.

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If you prefer to work in the evenings, it is also important to have a routine that will help you concentrate better.

Make sure you introduce an evening routine to the children as well so that they go to bed at approximately the same time each night. It is important that they also get into the habit so that one day they will also know how to organize their time efficiently.

After the children go to sleep, you will be able to dedicate yourself to your work and tasks.

During the day, take advantage of the time when your child is sleeping or is in daycare. This will be a limited time so you can schedule less demanding tasks then.

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Therefore, according to all of the above, it is important to establish the following:

  • what type of person are you, when you are most productive in the day?
  • which tasks you will perform at that time, and which during the rest of the day?
time blocking method when working from home

What does it mean to be productive and efficient?

Productivity is the way you can measure efficiency. So these two terms are related.

We can say that productivity is the ability to complete planned tasks on time, achieve your goals, and see the results of your work.

The input is your work, and the output is the result.

So when we talk about productivity, we’re actually talking about the time we spend doing tasks. How focused are we on the task, are there any obstacles on the side that cause us to work on the task longer, but most importantly, how do we organize our time.

So it is necessary to set aside one day a week, preferably the weekend, to plan the next one. Having a plan is essential to increase your productivity.

What is the time blocking method?

The time blocking method is a time management technique where you define time blocks for each of your tasks, projects, activities, events in your day.

This means planning all your activities in advance so you know how you will spend your time.

It is a great method, especially when you want to:

achieve your business goals – track your progress and know when to do what

be careful not to skip any event or appointment – we are so busy that it is easy to forget something

have your kid’s tasks and events in one place – so you know when they are going to a friend’s birthday party or training

have control over the tasks you have to do in the household – for example cleaning, doing laundry, etc. (And yes, you don’t have to use time blocking only for your business tasks.)

And don’t forget to leave time for your family.

Is the time blocking method effective?

It is individual and it is very important how you like to plan your day. Some will find it easier to plan a day, some a week, and some a whole month in advance. Of course, schedule changes can also happen and that should not be taken seriously because life happens. But in that case, there is a simple solution. The task you couldn’t do that day, move to another day.

You should definitely try time blocking for a week to see how it suits you and your needs. You may be surprised to see how much easier it is to have all the tasks written on one piece of paper. And what a feeling of happiness it is when you complete a task and cross it off the list!

Time blocking is effective because you know exactly what to do at what time.

And if you don’t like to assign your tasks an exact hour in advance, you can always arrange them on the list a little more casually and use morning, afternoon, evening instead of hours in your schedule. That way you won’t be tied to the exact time or in a panic that you haven’t done something by 10 in the morning, and yet you can finish it by 12 pm.

The Time Blocking Method.

Now that we are familiar with the time blocking method, it is time to start applying it.

Here are the steps to help you apply time blocking in your life.

1. Determine the part of the day when you are most productive and when you wouldn’t be disturbed so you can focus and concentrate on tasks

2. Write down the tasks you need to do next week

3. Prioritize tasks by moving from the most important ones to the less important that you can arrange for another day. You can color them or use this simple method.

4. Write the tasks in this simple table below to help you organize your time. Start with the appointments that you can not postpone, then the most important tasks, and so on. And when you finish this, you will have tasks scheduled for the next week.

time blocking schedule

Final words on the time blocking method

Above you can see that the time blocking method can be a powerful tool, especially when you want to set a deadline for your tasks. This way you will be more productive and you will easily track your progress, week by week.

What do you think about the time blocking method?

Are you using it already or will you try it?

Feel free to leave a comment below and save this post for later.

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