How to understand your audience on Pinterest?

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target audience on Pinterest

Hello and welcome to the 5-day series on how to engage your audience on Pinterest.

Here are all the posts and topics in this series, so check them out.

Today we are going to talk about YOUR audience. How to define it and how they behave on Pinterest.

Do you know who your ideal audience is?

Or you haven’t decided yet who your content is intended to.

You may have heard that it isn’t important to create your ideal audience profile, but today I will show you that it is crucial that you know who will read your posts and who you will speak to through your texts.

When writing a blog post, you should know who it is intended to. It is not necessary to know the person who will read it, but it is good to know the profile of the audience you will help. Your post will be someone’s inspiration or help to solve a problem.

So you need to know who you’re talking to.

If you do not determine the characteristics of the people you are writing to, you will find it harder to reach the goal, and initially, it is the growth of your blog and traffic that later leads to the achievement of some bigger goals.

Do you agree?

So, here is a question for you…

Who is your ideal audience?

your target audience on Pinterest

Have you thought about the person you would like to help? Who could seek advice on your website?

Because you can’t be everything to everyone. You can choose the audience that best suits you so you will be happy to share tips with them. That way you will have endless ideas that you love to write and talk about.

On the other hand, you will better understand your audience because from the beginning you will know what their problems and concerns are, what they are struggling with and how to help them in the best way.

So think about who you want to dedicate your posts to? Who do you want to write to?

  • Is it someone your age, younger or older?
  • Does this person work?
  • Is this person ready to take action?
  • Does he/she have family, children?
  • What does he/she do in free time?
  • What are his/her interests?
  • And what are his/her concerns?

What does the audience mean on Pinterest?

Initially, when building your relationship with others, the Pinterest audience is your loyal friend. Someone who loves what you do and finds it useful for some of their area of life, work.

After creating a friendly relationship with your audience, your Pinterest audience is your potential customer.

Over time, they begin to trust you and they believe that you are the one who will help them achieve one of their goals using your product or service. So it is important to know who you write to from the very beginning.

On Pinterest for business, you can see metrics that are relevant to your audience and will help in your further strategy.

You can see their engagement, what they have been saving, clicking.

And based on their behavior on Pinterest, you see what are they interested in.

How your audience behave on Pinterest?

In the beginning, people come to Pinterest to look for new ideas, inspiration. So think about your niche and what might interest others to ask for advice or help from you?

Think like your ideal audience. What words would you use in your search to find a solution that you provide?

Your audience on Pinterest is looking for:

  • fresh or evergreen information
  • answers to their questions
  • inspiration
  • new ideas
  • easy tips
  • actionable tasks
  • creative solutions
  • motivation.
ideal audience on Pinterest

What does your audience want to achieve?

There are numerous reasons why people use Pinterest. So now, we’re going to list some of them that can make you think why people use Pinterest and how you can help them.

People want to:

Your ideal audience is already on Pinterest. They will look for ideas, and you simply have to offer a solution.

And now we come to your role on Pinterest.

You give your audience a simple and achievable solution.

Something that will be useful to them and why they will want to ask for advice from you again.

It’s the connection you create with others that helps you grow your blog as well as your business.


Now that you know how to think about your ideal audience, determine who you are going to talk to? Who are your website and blog for? Which solution will you offer and to whom?

This way, you will also know how to reach your audience.

Because it is not the same to write expert advice or to use everyday expressions in your blog posts.

So do your best to define your ideal audience. This will help in your further strategy.

Do you already know your ideal audience?

And if you have a Pinterest business account, check your Pinterest audience insights to see if you’re already targeting your ideal audience.

ideal Pinterest audience
target audience on Pinterest for business
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