Useful power words to increase pin conversion!

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How to use power words to increase pin conversion?

Have you ever stopped by an ad and didn’t even know what caught your eye?

Or did you want to buy something just because of a title and a written recommendation that at first seemed confident and strong?

Your attention was likely captured by a strong message that contains a powerful word.

And yes, you only need one right power word that can attract you to some product, title, headline.

What is a power word?

We can define a power word simply as one that enhances the impression of the whole message, the one that will attract people to act.

This word triggers people’s emotions, curiosity.

Whether you call them power words, trigger words, strong words or catchy words, they help you with the Pinterest pin conversion.

So when you want to make an impression, encourage others to click on a pin or a specific title, give them a reason for that using a power word.

Where to use power words?

There are many places where you can use power words, but when it comes to Pinterest, the most important place is directly on the pin. Since Pinterest is a visual discovery platform, you will attract your audience with a powerful and specific headline that solves their problem and you will put it in the pin design. So try to choose one powerful word and incorporate it in the pin headline to see if your pin catches their attention.

For example, which pin title would you find more interesting?

  • Quick and easy no-bake chocolate cookies


  • Chocolate chip cookies.

In the example above, it is obvious what are the power words that will interest you and encourage you to click on the pin and read the blog post.

This is what you want to achieve by using power words.

Where else can you use power words?

There are places on your website where power words will be useful to you. But here the reasons for using power words are a little different than on Pinterest. Some of them are: encouraging people to click on a blog post title, getting subscribers, increasing blog traffic.

On your website, use them on:

  • Blog post titles
  • Subtitles
  • Pop-ups
  • Buttons
  • Calls to action
  • Email subject lines.

You want to evoke emotion and trigger curiosity because you only have less than a minute to get people to engage with your content.

Get your FREE printable PDF containing useful power words and make a change to your pin conversion today.


What is the next step?

And now that you know how to reach people and get them to click on your pin, make sure you have a blog post behind that pin that is useful and solves their problem.

After someone clicks on a pin that has a strong headline, they expect to get the quality content they are looking for in the post.


People are visual, and so is Pinterest. So give them a reason to click on your pin using the power words on the pin design. Try different words to see what resonates with your audience and make sure there is a blog post behind that pin, which will give your audience a reason to come back for more information on your blog and website.

And if you want to learn more about getting started with Pinterest, click here.

Catchy words to write clickable pin headlines
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