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Pinning strategy

Do you have your Pinterest strategy in place?

Do you know which activities you need to complete every week to stay active on Pinterest and achieve your goals?

There are tons of activities you need to do every day as a mom, as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as an employee,… So, first, find out what activities are important and how you will accomplish them. With good organization, you can achieve whatever you want.

How to behave on Pinterest?

When it comes to Pinterest, there are things you should remember every day.

  • be consistent
  • be persistent
  • be active
  • be polite
  • be curious
  • be patient
  • be creative.

So let’s explain all of the above.

Being consistent

means you have to be on the platform every day. So pinning and saving your own content and other people’s content are actions you need to do consistently. Even if you use a scheduler and schedule pins for the next day, week or month.

Just be consistent.

Being persistent

means you can not give up when you don’t see the immediate results. Pinterest is a long-term game and you will see results in a month, two or even three from now.

So just stay persistent.

Being active

means you need to spend some time on the platform. You can schedule pins, save and repin them, click on the pin and read it’s description, go to the post that is related to the pin and read the whole article, search for keywords. There are many ways you could be active on the platform.

So, be there, be active.

Being polite

means you may like the pin if you find it useful and informative. You can leave a nice comment on pins that you think are educational. When someone sends you a message via Pinterest, you should reply to it.

So be polite.

Being curious

means you should click on the pin you think is interesting, go to a blog post and read the content. Explore Pinterest and its features. That way you help a content creator with the page views and the traffic. 🙂 Isn’t that great? Explore topics you want to know more about by typing keywords in the Pinterest search box. Research experts from your niche, be curious about what they save on their Pinterest boards. Be curious about the interests of your audience.

There are many ways to be curious about Pinterest.

Being patient

means that success on Pinterest doesn’t come overnight. To see success, you have to spend days, weeks and even months on Pinterest. But you must not lose hope. The things you do today will affect the future. When you submit a request to join a group board, you will wait some time to receive a response or invitation.

So just be patient.

Being creative

means you have the opportunity to express your creative side. On Pinterest, you create pins that will show others what your post is about. When creating pins, you will have to choose images, fonts, colors, create a layout. Everything mentioned before has to do with your creative side.

So enjoy and be creative! 🙂

Pinterest loves it when you search and explore, when you are there.

The activities you need to complete to grow your Pinterest traffic.

Here is the list of activities you should do and complete to gain more traffic, page views, and followers.

Be an active pinner:

pin manually – try to pin manually through the week. That way you stay active on the platform. Here are some places where you can find fresh content for your pinning strategy.

schedule pins through Tailwind – this is a lifesaver. You can schedule pins (your own and someone else’s content) for one period of time and be sure your Pinterest profile will be active. This method helps you gain new followers and get more people to see your content without spending time on the platform.

Connect with others on Pinterest:

follow the quality experts in your niche – try to find and follow the experts in your niche. This way, you will have the following tab full of quality content that you can use for your scheduler. Repin their pins, comment on their pins. Learn from them.

join group boards – Send requests to group board owners and if you join them, make sure you follow the rules.

Refresh your old content:

update your old blog posts – since Pinterest wants new content, it doesn’t mean you have to create a new blog post every day. You can create a new pin for an existing blog post and add it to your Pinterest board. The new pin is also considered fresh content.

Check the analytics:

check Pinterest analytics – There you can see the information which pins perform best (your top pins), what are the interests of your audience. You can find other information about your audience so you can plan your strategy.

check Tailwind analytics – You have more detailed information about your Pinterest profile on Tailwind. There you can see how your profile performs, information about boards, pins. All of these are useful information to create your Pinterest strategy.

Search for new blog post ideas:

plan your next blog posts – when checking your analytics, write down ideas for your next post according to your best-performing pins and content on Pinterest. For example, if your post about Chocolate cookies went well, you could create another one like Healthy chocolate cookies for kids, or Christmas chocolate desserts, depending on the season.

According to all those activities mentioned above, I created a simple weekly Pinterest planner. That way, you can plan your week and have everything under control when it comes to your Pinterest strategy.

Download this simple weekly Pinterest planner for free and stay active and consistent on the platform.


How to use a planner?

You will see that the planner shows the days of the week and each has different activities to help you stay active on Pinterest. It will also help you determine your pinning strategy. Just follow these activities and put a checkmark next to it when it is done.

The benefits of planning your Pinterest activities.

If you are a new blogger or want to go to the next level and grow, you need to determine your strategy, your plan for success. This means that you have to set your goals and go step by step to achieve them. Here a planner helps you stay a consistent, persistent, active part of the Pinterest world.

So, download your free weekly Pinterest planner today and set up your pinning strategy.



Now that you know how to behave on Pinterest and what actions you need to take to be successful, it’s time to take action. Get your free weekly Pinterest planner and get started with activities.

If you have the activities that you do every week, feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

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Weekly Pinterest Planner
Pinterest strategy as a new blogger
Weekly Pinterest Planner
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