What is Pinterest and how does it work?

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All about Pinterest Every time you want to find some information, learn something new or be up to date with the news, what do you do? Use Google search or go to a Pinterest account?

I can guess that the first thing you do is to go to a Google search box and type in the word or a phrase you are looking for. But… what if I tell you there is another way you can do the search about every topic you are interested in, whether it is related to a DIY things, spending your free time, traveling or educational content. That other place where you can search for new ideas and get inspiration in a more visual way is Pinterest.

I am sure you’ve heard about Pinterest, but your first association was for sure something like this: people search for recipes and home decor. It is true, partially, but there you can find so many things, for example about parenting, sport, music, educational content, gift ideas, health, and so much more.

Pinterest account and the difference between personal and the business one 

When opening an account you have 2 possibilities to choose, whether you want to create a personal account or a business one. Both are free but the main difference is that with a business account you get more features. (You can read more about opening an account here.)

Whether you have a personal account or a business one, you can use Pinterest to find information about things that you want to know more about.

A menu at a personal account looks like this:

a Pinterest personal account menu

With a personal account you can:

  • search topics you are interested in

Search box

  • create boards

Pinterest boards

  • save Pins

Save button

  • follow other people

Pinterest follow button

A business account has everything as a personal, but with some addition in a menu tab and features so it looks like this:

a Pinterest business account menu

At the top left corner is placed very important “button” where you can get valuable information about your posts, pins, audience and so on. It will help you to understand their behavior and interests so you can make a research and create new content they would like to read.

Pinterest analytics

A Pinterest anatomy

Now I want to give you an overview of Pinterest, what does it consist of and which functions and features you can expect to see when you log in to your account.


It’s a view which is the first you will run into when you log in to your Pinterest account. The home feed is a place where you can see Pins that are recommended to you based on your interests, previous searches, people or topics you follow.

You can refresh your “home feed” and there will be a message shown:

“We are adding new ideas to your home feed!”,

so you’ll get refreshed home feed with other Pins based on your interests, searches…

TAKE ACTION: Insert in a search box a keyword you want to read more about, for example: traveling. Press enter and your home feed will show you results based on your keyword. But there is another important thing- when you insert your keyword, there will be listed long tail keywords. That means your first keyword will be expanded so you can do a more detailed search.



As mentioned before, a home feed is showing you Pins.

Pins are visual results that are linked to blog posts or websites where you can read more about a theme you are interested in. Pin consists of an image, title, description, link that leads you to the website it was saved from.  

If you like it or you want to read it later, you can save it to your board. Maybe you are looking for home decor ideas so you can create your collection of Pins, come and see it every time you want.

TAKE ACTION: After you type in a keyword or a long tail keyword in a search box, look at the Pins in your home feed that are interesting to you. Click on it and read the post related to the Pin. If you like it, you can save it for later.


You can consider the board as a folder where you save ideas, posts, texts  (in one word – Pins) that you like to read, the one that solves some of your problems or you want to share with others.

You can create as many boards as you want. The most important thing is to give your board a name and a description so the other users can find it through a search.

TAKE ACTION: Create at least 5 boards. Insert a name which consists of a keyword, as well as a description of a board. When you have boards created, save at least 15-20 Pins to each one so people who find your boards could have content for research.

How does Pinterest work?

To come to a final definition of a Pinterest, we will start explaining  how does Pinterest work.

The first step is to create a Pinterest account (personal or a business one – depends on your needs).

When opening a business account, there are some rules to follow to have a successful Pinterest profile. I assure you that you will be amazed starting to use that kind of a search.

When you have your account, you can start researching and you can find information in every field you need or you are interested in.

Pinterest search box

In the image above you can see a Pinterest search box where you type in a word or a phrase that you are looking for. That way you will get your search results depending on a theme. Articles will be listed as many graphics with a related link to a certain webpage. When you click on it, you will be transferred to a webpage so you can read more about the chosen topic.

That is where the magic with Pinterest search happens.

When you start using it, for fun or for educational purposes, you will love this type of search.

What is Pinterest?

Now I will give you an answer , a definition – what does Pinterest actually mean.

As a result of your search, you will see so many images and colors that may look to you as a catalog full of ideas. There will be listed posts from so many different authors and websites where you can read more about the topic you are interested in. We learned that those listed posts are called Pins.

Depending on an image, headline, colors and other important characteristics of a Pin, you will choose which one to open.

Almost every Pin is related to a website or a post and by clicking it you will be transferred to someone’s blog, article or online content created from an author to help you solve the problem or lead you to your goal.

I personally like that kind of a search no matter what purpose the content is- for fun or learning new things.

That brings us to a conclusion that Pinterest is a visual search engine.

  • VISUAL because of all those graphics, images and photos, colours.

  • SEARCH ENGINE  because you can search on every topic you are interested in and you will be given so many websites and posts you can explore.

Why Pinterest?

  • more than 250 million people use Pinterest each month

  • 98% of Pinners try ideas they find on Pinterest

  • there are more than 175 billion Pins out there

People like that kind of a search because it gives them inspiration in everyday life as well as in business, their hobbies and other aspects of life.

Many people use Pinterest to plann their future purchase and to find ideas.

On Pinterest you can find educational content and learn new things, develop your skills.

If you want to amaze someone with a great meal, you can find recipes as well as fashion advice, home decor advice, information about art, traveling, DIY projects and so much more.

Pinterest helps people to get inspired, to get ideas for their projects or to see something from another point of view. There you can be more creative and motivated.


It gives you:

  • motivation
  • inspiration
  • ideas
  • creativity
  • satisfaction.

When you want to:

  • collect new ideas (like recipes, home decor information, health and beauty tips,…),
  • research on a seasonal content (New Year, Valentine’s day, Easter, Christmas)
  • get advice about something (health, kids, parenting, school, education,…)
  • get ideas about presents (for every occasion)
  • learn new things (how to…posts)

you can find Pinterest as your best friend who can give you creative idea for your request.

I believe you are now curious about Pinterest and want to start using it. I recommend you to read a post about opening an account and start searching.

If you’ve already tried to use Pinterest, share your experience. What do you think about using that kind of a search engine?

Thank you for reading! Share it, save it if you like it. 🙂

About Pinterest

About Pinterest
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  1. b.

    How can I delete things.

    1. BmSocial

      If you want to delete the pin, you have to go to the board where the pin is saved.
      Click Organize.
      Then select the pin (or pins) you want to delete and click the Delete button.
      If you want to delete the entire board (that way you will lose the followers of that board), you just click on the pencil icon- Edit your board, and at the bottom is the Delete button.
      Please note that you cannot restore deleted boards and pins.
      I hope this helps.

  2. Rodger

    I like Pinterest very much and use it a lot for my personal use as you can tell from my site.
    Thank you
    The grumpy old man.

  3. Linda Rotger

    I found this to be interesting , I started without knowing what I was doing . Now I’m going back with a little better understanding. thanks

  4. Welna Bynum

    I want to say thank you very much for the interesting things that I have learned from you. I am like the person who said she started with no idea what it was all about. Again thanks

  5. Usha

    I like Pinterest a lot. It helped me during renovation of my home.

  6. Kathy

    Very helpful Quite new to this technology

  7. Pat

    Pinterest is my go to site when ever I need ideas for nearly everything!! I love all the DIY posts. I use it to get ideas for all my cards. Just a warning, it can be very addicting!!!!! LOL

  8. Barbara

    There are some great ideas on here. I really like it a lot, and it gives me ideas and inspires me.

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