Why you should promote your business on Pinterest?

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promote your business on Pinterest

If you are wondering why you should promote your business on Pinterest, there are some facts that will convince you to get started with Pinterest for business.

Do you own a blog, create content and want others to see and act on it?

There are many ways you can promote your business, but in reality, you can’t be everywhere. It is exhausting and you will not focus on the important things.

If you want to reach your target audience, Pinterest is the right platform that can help you grow your business.

You may have heard before that one of the best ways to grow your blog and business is with the power of Pinterest!

So, let’s take some time to talk about the benefits of Pinterest for your business!

A little bit about Pinterest

What if I told you Pinterest has a big impact and that there is room for every niche and brand?

Pinterest is a great resource where you can grow your business. 

If you don’t believe it, read some interesting facts about Pinterest.

It is:

  • the third-largest social network in the US
  • has over 300 million users
  • has over 2 billion searches every month
  • most Pinterest users are women
  • Pinterest users use Pinterest to get an idea, inspiration, plan
  • many Pinterest users use Pinterest to decide what to buy

All this information leads us to the fact that Pinterest has the power to make people decide to buy something that they find useful.

Now that you know the power of Pinterest and that there is a place for you and your business, you should think about how to take advantage of Pinterest and grow your business.

Pinterest is where people come to find ideas, things, products that interest them and that will solve their problem.

And after searching, they are willing to pay for a product or service that they find useful or interesting.

So here comes your business.

No matter what niche you are in, you can use one part of Pinterest space to promote your business, reach your target audience, and solve their problem.

Why you should promote your business on Pinterest?

Here are listed some reasons why you should think of Pinterest as a platform to help you grow your business.

1. Your ideal audience is already on Pinterest

Among so many Pinterest users, there are certainly those who are interested in your niche, who are looking for functional and simple solutions that they can apply.

And you need to reach your audience to help with your solutions and ideas.

How to do it?

You can find the answer to this question here, but you can also enroll in a FREE 6-day course to help get you started on Pinterest the right way.

2. Average lifespan of a pin

When comparing Pinterest to other platforms, we would conclude that there are differences in the lifespan of posts. On Pinterest, after a pin is uploaded and after some engagement on it, it can appear for months in searches. If Pinterest users like pin and content, it will remain active and circulate for a long time on the platform.

So there is a possibility that you can see the pin you created a year ago that is still active.

3. Reaching your target audience

When you do all the steps to create a properly optimized Pinterest business account, and by pinning your content, you can reach people out there that are really interested in your niche. So take advantage of the properly optimized Pinterest profile.

Pinterest for business

4. A great connection of your Pinterest profile to your blog

Each pin you create has its own components: title, description, image, and link. That link is one step between your Pinterest profile / your pin and your blog/website/product/service. This means that only one click separates you from your audience.

So create beautiful pins that people will notice.

5. Be active even if you are not on the platform

Well, if you want to use Pinterest for your business, you certainly have to know how does Pinterest work and you need to be there, pinning content, creating new pins. But I know we all have so many tasks in the day and we can’t afford to spend all day on one platform.

That is why Tailwind is great for supporting your Pinterest game.

You can save time, be strategically geared to grow your business, and gain insight into your analytics.

Final words about why you should promote your business on Pinterest

Now that you know some things about Pinterest that are positive and that support your business growth, you can conclude that it is good to be a part of Pinterest to promote your content, products, and services.

Give Pinterest a chance and you will see how it affects on your business.

But be patient, because Pinterest is a long-term game.


And here is your solution on how you can get started on Pinterest for business the right way. Enroll in this FREE Pinterest course. Even if you already have a Pinterest business profile, you can see if everything is set up for success.


promote business using Pinterest
Pinterest for business
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